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Giving our logo a human shape signifies our belief that we are human beings first and then a company. We regard humanity as the greatest gift one can give and receive. This is also a salute to our employees as it depicts our team members who unrelentingly work to ensure that Trigma is a successful and profitable business.


Across cultures and languages, idea and imagination is denoted by the exclamation mark ! We have thus included this sign in our logo to salute the spirit of human imagination and depict our name i.e. Trigma Triggering Imagination. Our logo is in-fact two exclamation marks, one inverted to depict our human side, and the other placed on top of it to depict people with great imagination, fresh ideas and always innovating.


Including the smile in our logo depicts that we are a happy bunch of people who love work and feel happy about what they do. Happy employees ensure happy customers. The smile also denotes that whatever we do as a company is towards the greater goal of achieving happiness for all our employees, our partners, our vendors, our customers and the whole society in general.


The colour red for us signifies: unrelenting enthusiasm, stimulating energy, unstoppable progress, full of confidence and fearlessly enterprising.