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Infrastructure, processes, technology or Human Resource: What is most critical for IT company

By Divya Puri

December 5, 2016

What’s more critical for an IT company? Infrastructure, Technology, Process or Human resources?

Before choosing one, do you actually know what do the four terms mean? Not only the dictionary definition, but what it means to the IT sector. Let’s start by knowing about each one of them in brief.

Talking about infrastructure, in layman’s language it’s about the table, the chair, the computers, interiors and all that kind of stuff. More precisely, it comprises of the physical non-living assets of the company. It’s obvious that a company won’t be a company unless there is an infrastructure.

Moving on to Technology, it’s the core of an IT company, like literally the soul of it. There are numerous fields and sub-fields in this area, the popular ones and the not-so-popular ones, both exist. It’s not that we use technology, we live technology. The world is persistently changing with technology taking over man power. Question is, do we realize that? Well, let’s go 5 years back and think and actually appreciate the drastic changes that have changed the world.

Looks like ‘technology’ is having an upper hand BUT we are yet to look at others. Read on!

What about processes? What comes to your mind while talking about a process in ‘IT company’? Well, long point short, it’s about how a company ‘does it’ or in other words it’s the distinguishing factor for an IT company. There are nearly 7000 listed companies in India itself, mind it, I said ‘LISTED’! That means the count is much more than what’s written here! The process is what makes a company stand out in the crowd.

Last but not the least, Human resources. It’s much more than just hiring and firing, trust me! HR isn’t a thing to do, it’s the thing that runs the business! If you’re working with the leaders, the approach will always be to ‘build people to build business’. But what about human resources in IT company? Unlike any other company, the basic process remains the same in IT as well. The only difference is the technical touch to it. People are the most important resource and people in IT are super-talented. Not being biased here, only IT people know the hundred uses of a coma, semicolon, and parenthesis unlike a layman!

As a matter of fact, the human resource is the key to unlock happiness in a company through its resources i.e. people!

So, have we reached a conclusion yet? What’s more critical to an IT company, can you figure out? It’s like choosing one from making profit in a business and being known for what you do. You want both! You cannot do without both!

The infrastructure supports human resource which further holds on to technology along with the processes. They are the key components to a successful organization. You need salt, pepper, sugar, spice (and everything nice) to make up anything, literally anything. The infrastructure, human resource, technology and processes are the salt, pepper, sugar and spice of a company. These all are indispensible critical components. All of them, and not a single entity or a combination of two, make an IT company successful.