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By Sunny Kumar

June 23, 2015

The CEO of Trigma Speaks on the Launch of First Office in the US

Ajay Sharma, the CEO of Trigma Solutions, shares his warm wishes with his team members in India and in the US on the launch of first office in the United States. He sheds light on how this launch is going to benefit customers, partners, and the employees. He also shares the thought-process of Morphosis that Trigma has adapted during its successful journey so far. In short, Trigma is now a grown-up butterfly and is ready to fly off. Here are the excerpts:

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this video message, and thank you for joining in.

At Trigma, we've launched a process which we call Morphosis at Trigma. Morphosis is a manner in which an organism changes from one stage to another. It is very closely related to the manner in which a caterpillar changes into a butterfly, develops wings, and takes flight.

Through this Morphosis, Trigma is going to transform itself into a more global and futuristic company. And this is going to be happening through a series of changes toward more effective organization structure, more futuristic and focused business strategy, and towards making Trigma an even better workplace.

Ever since we've launched Morphosis, we've taken critical decisions and made big changes in our organization. It is in this continuation that I've two more announcements to make today.

The first of these is that we've now incorporated our company in the United States, and I congratulate you all on the incorporation of Trigma Inc. This step brings us closer to the place where technology-innovation is happening. It brings us closer to a very important and growing client-base over here. It brings us to a platform of global exposure and of access to great tech-talent. With this step, we're going to adopt global and multicultural work practices.

We don't intend to trade the path of us being projected as a low-cost technology off-shoring partner, but we're rather going to take our strong research-development and delivery teams in India and integrate them with our teams here in the US. And this is what is going to drive more benefit to our customers and their businesses. This is also going to help us to break away from the virtual relationship we have with them and establish a more direct and strong human touch.

Our processes with our multiple locations in India and in the US are going to be strongly integrated through an exchange and transfer of ideas, processes, and people. And this brings me to the second announcement.

Today, we've inaugurated our first office here, and I once again congratulate you all as we start operations from our first office in the United States. You know, first offices like so many first things in life are always very special and they go down in our memory as most cherished moments.

So let us enjoy this moment and let us get ready to embark on more exciting journeys together.

I wish us all the very best,

Thank You!