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By Divya Vashisht

December 15, 2014

Excerpts from the speech of our new CEO - Ajay Sharma

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ajay Sharma, and I love Trigma from the core of my heart...

As I take over as your CEO, I feel humbled, I feel honored, I feel very enthusiastic and at the same time I feel a deep sense of responsibility. I thank my Co-founder Piyush and Director of HR Prashant, for entrusting this responsibility in me. And you all have my word - I will not rest, and will strive to the best of my ability to measure up to the expectations that this position sets.

I thank you all for being present here on this very special day of my life. It is so good to see you all gathered in this office, that I am reminded of a small incident which I want to share.

You know, a few years back, this entire Chandigarh IT park was just getting started. But a lot of prominent IT companies of that time were moving in and setting up their offices here. So there was this buzz that this place is going to be the hub of IT of this region. Trigma at that time was a company of about 3-4 employees, and I was serving as its co-founder. So I decided that I should go and visit this place to see what this whole IT park buzz is all about. One evening after work, along with a team member, I came and visited this place. And we saw huge campuses being setup by big IT companies. And I saw this beautiful building where our office is. But when we tried to enter we were stopped at the security gate outside and were not allowed to enter, and rightly so. But determined as we were to have a look around we went behind and around the wall and jumped over a gate and somehow sneaked in. We somehow found our way and reached the office of a major IT company. And we looked at that office from outside. It was a beautiful office, great infrastructure with all those server rooms, great environment and energetic people working in the evening shift. It was fabulous. We had a good long look and then we finally came down and sat on the grass downstairs. We were overwhelmed by this place, this building, this environment. Because for us it was a very big deal. We were operating from a small room and our desk was our office and that's about it. So we were sitting their overwhelmed by this place when I had this feeling. And I told my team member that, "One day very soon we will have Trigma's office in this building."

I could say this because I very strongly believed that - what if we were not at par with those companies as far as their team strength was concerned, what if we were not at par with those companies as far as their experience was concerned, what if we were not at par with those companies in terms of the big clients they had? We surely were at par with those companies as far our passion to work and to excel was concerned. And look today, here we are and we have already outgrown this office. And we are among the fastest growing companies here.

And today after having met great software companies from all over the world, from Silicon Valley, from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai, and from all over the place, I still have that same feeling - what if we are not at par with some of these companies as far as their exposure is concerned, what if we are not at par with some of these companies as far as their revenues are concerned, we surely are at par with the best companies of the world as far as our passion to work and to excel is concerned...

And talking about buildings, do you know which is the building I last saw which triggered my imagination yet again? Well, I will tell you. I have been to Mumbai many times but it was on my last visit there that I saw this building... the building of the Bombay stock exchange. And immediately like sitting downstairs that evening, I got this feeling that, "One day, very soon, we will list Trigma on the Bombay Stock Exchange."

So no dream is unachievable. If we can envision it and have 100% belief in it, we can achieve it. I want each and every one of you to trigger your imagination and to believe that we are at par with anyone as far as our passion is concerned and we will continue to progress...

I ask myself this question, that after being the co-founder at Trigma all these years, how is it going to be any different when I am the CEO? And the answer that I get is that, it is now, with this responsibility, that I have an even bigger opportunity and even more strength to do what I love doing... to work for the progress of this company.

My biggest KRA as your CEO, and this is going to be a major aspect of my work, is to ensure that each and every one of you has a prosperous and fulfilling career here at Trigma. So every decision that I take, every move that I make, it is going to go towards ensuring that each one of you progresses.

I want to inculcate a culture of turning ideas into shear enthusiasm. Because look, we just have to be the happiest team around, and if we are the happiest team around, we automatically are the most progressive team around.

Our revenues and operating margins are growing year on year. And I will ensure that we adopt the right strategies to ensure that they keep growing at an accelerated rate. I will work towards identifying new business opportunities, new markets, new clients and new partners. We are already tasting success as far as direct business from the US market is concerned and we have already ventured into product research and development. I will work towards ensuring that this progress keeps on happening faster, faster and faster.

Friends, we are in an industry that has this habit of changing very fast. To be one step ahead of these changes, we need to ensure that we adopt the right policies and processes that increase our efficiency and give each and every one of you the bandwidth and the time to research and innovate. And no matter what anyone thinks about processes; I am going to hang on to my belief that at the core of every process are PEOPLE. So all the processes and policies that I will introduce are going to be directed towards empowering you to increase your work efficiency so that you have more bandwidth and time to research and to innovate.

As your CEO, I will ensure that Trigma is not growing in a shell. Because in today's time no company can grow in isolation. Trigma will take lead in ensuring that we grow as a part of growing business ecosystem, that is - our partners grow, our clients grow, and our vendors grow. All our external strategies are going to be directed towards ensuring that Trigma takes this leader ship role and cements its leadership position in making the business ecosystem grow.

As I do all this, I appeal to all of you to enable Trigma to give back even more to the society year on year. Because look it's not just about revenues at the end of the day. It's also a lot more about spreading even more smiles in the society.

As I set my action towards achieving these goals come with me and create a culture of trust and respect. Because the one thing that I will not tolerate is 'disrespect'. We need to respect each other as team members and we need to respect each other's work. Each and every one of us has the responsibility of ensuring that our team member is progressing. I will work with this philosophy and I expect you all to work with this same philosophy.

In the end let me tell you one thing that I have realized while working in Trigma all these years. I have realized that, it is that every second you people put into work in this office, and it is that every second you think about Trigma when you go back home, it is that every second that is fuelling the progress of this company. And so I call upon all of you to give your best in that every second...

In the times to come, if you, anyone of you, has a suggestion for me, or an idea on how to improve, I welcome you to walk into my room and share your thoughts with me. My door is always open for my team.

Let us resolve to progress together as a team!!

Thank you.