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“A comprehensive end-to-end RTI solution for Government Organizations to manage, maintain and give status of the RTI applications online”

An Online web based solution which functions for all government departments of Haryana by providing an essential interface for public to submit their RTI applications online which can help the department to maintain and manage the actions taken on RTI applications. This makes the working of the RTI section of a department easier and also records are available for RTI applications on a click.


  • To create a uniform portal for managing RTI applications.
  • To create quick and efficient interface for filing RTI application.
  • To computerize the manual procedure of filing RTI applications.
  • To take care of necessary security aspects.

Solution Description

The Solution provides the public an option to apply online for filing RTI applications where applicant can apply for the first appeal as well as the second appeal. Following is the flow for both the appeals in RTI
  • 1st appeal : The person files the RTI along with the supported documents which are sent to the Department.The department views the application and the documents and thus assigning a status to the RTI application.
  • 2nd appeal : The person can file the second appeal in case the person is not satisfied with the first appeal’s result and wants more information on the same.

Flow Diagram showing the integration&functionality of all modules

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Beneficiaries and Benefits

  • Applicants
    • Quick flow of information.
    • Generation of results on demand.
    • Can access the status online.
  • Department
    • Quick, efficient and transparent procedure.
    • Less manual intervention.
    • High level security procedures.
    • Large live database of every quarter.

e-governance Impact

  • Ease of administration&reduction in manual work.
  • Updation of forms and documents is easy.
  • SMS and email notification.
  • Quick information exchange.
  • A large database of facilities, vendors&etc is available to every concerned officer.
  • The department offices are networked with each other.
  • Filtration and sorting of any kind of information is easy&quick.
  • High level security to avoid intrusion.
  • Centralized storage.
  • Improved service quality and information accessible to all the functionaries.

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