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“A comprehensive end-to-end solution for candidate registration, skill assessment, skill up gradation, pre-recruitment and recruitment test at various levels”

To strengthen Government to Citizen (G2C) services, the Government of Haryana wants to develop a dynamic web-based solution which contains useful information along with online application and scholarship disbursement process, to enable the public to access and apply for scholarship in various schemes online.


  • The main challenge was to create a uniform portal for different categories.
  • To integrate all departments, institutes&empanelled banks.
  • To develop an application tracking system so that the applicants can check the status online.
  • To create an efficient procedure for applicant verification process.
  • To integrate WCAG 2.0&GIGW guidelines.
  • To take care of necessary security aspects.
  • To create a Management Information System so as to facilitate the department officials and higher authorities.

Solution Description

  • Candidate registration
    • New candidate has to enroll to get an account to apply for scholarship: new/renewal application./li>
    • Candidate has to enter all basic and educational details along with necessary attested documents.
    • After registration candidate will get a unique id no. for further uses.
  • Verification process
    • After submission, first the application goes to the concerned institute for approval&verification.
    • The institute head will mark the necessary points and forward the application with his sign and seal to DWO.
  • Department
    • After receiving applications from various heads of institutions, DWO will verify them.
    • After verification, DWO will forward the application to the banker mentioning the sanctioned amount.
    • The department has the right to reject any application, if found any discrepancy.
  • Bank
    • The banker will verify all the details and transfer the requested amount.
    • The banker will inform the department about the same.
  • Application tracking : The applicant will be able to track his/her application status online.
  • Management Information System : This module shall facilitate the department officials and higher management to access the application and check the progress report. It helps the management in decision making.

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Flow Diagram showing the integration&functionality of all modules

Benefits and Beneficiaries

  • Applicant
    • No need to stand in long queues for registration outside the centers.
    • Notification via SMS after sanctioned amount is transferred into the account.
    • Can check application status online.
    • News update about new schemes.
    • Integrated WCAG Technology benefiting the students with learning disabilities, cognitive limitations and low vision.
  • Department
    • Reliable candidate information
    • Quick, efficient and transparent procedure
    • Less manual intervention.
    • Large and live database of candidates.
    • Integration of departments and empanelled banks with each other for smooth flow.

e-governance Impact

  • One portal through which candidates can register from anywhere for different types of examination tests
  • More awareness among citizens/public.
  • Application tracking.
  • E-mail and SMS notification.
  • Quick information exchange and less manual effort.
  • A large data of applicants&important information is available to every concerned officer.
  • The department offices are networked with each other.
  • Filtering and sorting of any kind of information is easy&quick.
  • High level security to avoid intrusion.

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