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“A comprehensive web solution for making donations easy and acknowledging the efforts of the Donor”

Directorate of School Education, Haryana is one of the premier departments that looks after all matters concerning education. ‘School Nurturing Programme' is introduced to link the nurturers and the needy schools for development as centers of excellence, to recognize the efforts of the nurturers and to streamline the process of linking up. Trigma has put in the best efforts by working with the department to prepare a solution which bridges together the Donors and the Schools by make donations hassle free and easy.


  • To integrate information of 16,000 Schools in Haryana.
  • To create an end-to-end procedure for the donation process.
  • To create separate user and admin login panels and distribute roles.
  • To create email and mobile verification process to reduce duplicity.
  • To take care of necessary security aspects for carrying out donations/financial transactions safely.
  • To create a MIS to facilitate department officials to maintain donation records.
  • To create a web portal which can help department in honoring the nurturer

Solution Description

  • Donor Panel
    • Donor fills his/her e-mail address or mobile number with some basic details for creating a donation account.
    • After verification Donor gets username&password for login to Donor panel.
    • Donor can view options such as donation history, search schools, make donations, track donation status, etc.
    • Donor can view requirements of the School and the donation amount School wise.
    • Donor can start making donations using the online/ offline payment process.
  • Super Admin Panel
    • Site level administrator with the rights for creation of the other administrators and assigning roles.
    • Import the schools information from DISE/ SEMIS for the first time and subsequently adding the schools.
  • Work Flow Admin Panel
    • Work flow administrator is responsible for the management of Articles list, vendors and rate contract in the site.
    • Review memorandum of association (Long term donations).
    • Responsible to approve the donations above a certain defined amount.
  • District Admin Panel
    • Raise request for new articles for donations at a district level.
    • Responsible to approve the donations above certain defined amount
  • Block Admin Panel
    • Raise request for new articles for donations at a Block level.
    • Responsible to approve the donations above certain defined amount.
  • School admin Panel
    • Profile management of the school.
    • Approve the donations for the school and update the donation status.
    • Manage rewards and recognition section.

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Flow diagram of School Nurture process

Beneficiaries and Benefits

  • User
    • Visiting the Schools for making the donations is not required.
    • Option to hide Donor Identity as per choice.
    • Easy step by step online procedure.
    • Rewards and recognition helps the Donor get recognised.
    • Easy access to the requirements of the various schools in Haryana.
  • Schools
    • Schools can now easily post the requirements on the web portal for donations.
    • Maintaining the records for honoring the donors with rewards and recognition section.
    • Database of Donors which is used for easy search and donation records.
    • Schools can now get donations which will match the requirements of the school.
    • Bridge the gap between donor and schools.
  • Department
    • The Department can now track the donation status online.
    • Keep a record (MIS) of donations which increases the transparency and hence making the search easier.
    • The Department can now make reports and filter the information required in just a few clicks.

e-governance Impact

  • Donors can register or update their information online and track donation status.
  • More awareness among citizens/public for making donations.
  • Donation tracking system for increasing transparency.
  • Quick donations without any manual effort.
  • A large data of donors&important information is now available to every concerned officer in the education department.
  • Transparency in procedures which fastens and secures the donation procedure.
  • The department offices are networked with each other.
  • Filtering and sorting of any kind of information is easy&quick.
  • High level security to avoid intrusion so as make donations safely.

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