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“To convert the Employment Offices into Centers of Excellence for Empowerment of Youth”

There is an online data base of about 7 lakh jobseekers for prospective employers, HREX provides an interface connecting jobseekers, employers and department officers across which correct, complete and timely information can be exchanged.


  • Collecting employment market information data
  • Creating a uniform portal integrating all 55 exchanges
  • Uploading data of already existing thousands of jobseekers who had registered manually before the launching of
  • Creating online registration with Employment Offices, online updating, online renewal of Employment registration for job seekers
  • Developing data bank of highly qualified candidates from the Live Register of Employment Offices
  • Providing online information on application deadlines, hot tracks and future trends in Employment
  • Facilitating man power planning and analysis through effective implementation of EMI
  • Promoting employability of students and Job seekers through Vocational Guidance


  • Job Seeker: Candidate looking for a job
  • The Exchange Officer
    • Verify new candidate registrations/ old registrations (forms that were filed manually)
    • Transfer candidates to other exchanges
    • View the list of employers
      • View and verify jobs
      • Shortlist candidates for the given job
      • Transfer the job vacancy to neighboring exchange
  • Employers: Government sector as well as private sector employers can post vacancies
  • The Super Admin
    • Verifies the employer and allocate an exchange to him
    • Add exchanges
    • Edit static Informative Pages
    • Add job notices

Integrated MIS Reports are available to officers

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Beneficiaries and Benefits

  • Job Seeker
    • Responsive Employment exchange
    • Updated Information regarding vacancies and job postings
    • Quality guidance on capabilities assessment, employment counseling and VG/training related information
    • Guidance on self employment
  • Government
    • Reliable labor market information
    • Availability of data for better policy planning and decision making
  • Employer
    • Wide choice of CVs
    • Responsive Employment Exchange - Online correspondence
    • Simplified means to notifying the vacancies / EMI information
    • Campus placements facilitated by Employment Exchanges
  • Placement Agencies
    • Availability of skill specific industry information
    • Availability of labor market information
  • Vocational Training Providers / ITIS
    • Accurate understanding of skills needed
    • Campus placements

Without e-governance Solution

    • Candidates were informed about vacancies and interviews via post
    • In the traditional file system, candidates file would be in stack and not available at all times and all places to every concerned officer
    • Employers did not have access to so many options of employable candidates
    • Employers had to post vacancies in newspapers etc.
    • The department officers were isolated in their own offices
    • Information may be available in a scattered way, filtering of information is time consuming

With e-governance Solution

  • In-time Information is provided via email and posted on the candidate portal on the website
  • E-governance has made information exchange quick and it demands less manual effort
  • Forms filled are available online and hence accessible to every concerned officer
  • A large database of candidates is available, hence there is large candidate pool to choose form
  • Advertisement cost for employers is reduced
  • The department officers are networked with one another
  • Market analysis reports, job vacancy information and forms are posted from time to time on the website, information filtering is quick&easy

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