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“A complete end-to-end e-Governance solution for certification and licensing of factories and shops in Haryana”

Department’s commitment&Trigma’s zeal towards providing e-efficient, e-effective, e-excellent government anywhere anytime has led into development of a web based solution for Labour department that serves as panacea to the challenges faced by the department. The scale of application can be gauged from the fact that the benefits of online registration of the shops and factories are expected to extend across Haryana to more than 10 lac Shops and Factories.


  • Online registration of factories and Shops
  • Online approvals, inspection, verification and alerts to officers and users
  • Online Reporting and streamlining. Creating one platform, wherein officials can login and report their attendance and queries
  • Minimum wages procedure implementation
  • Meeting health and safety compliances and creating awareness about laws and judgments
  • Organization and industrial units can apply for self certification for various compliances by adhering to labour laws and acts
  • Individuals and organization can lodge any complaint regarding their employee; employer or Haryana Labour officials. e.g. reporting child labour
  • Data handling for 86,000 shops, 6000 factories, 136 GB web content, 780 MB database and taking backups


  • Online Registration of applicants representing Shops&Commercial Establishments /Factories
  • Multiple Officer Login
    All the officers ranging from Labour Inspector to Financial Commissioner will have login panels. Officers can
    • View reports
    • Process forms
    • Mark comments
    • Accept/reject
  • Automatic application assigning of completed applications to Officers on the basis of work area.
  • Application Processing Module
    • Auto assigned application is viewable on Labour Inspector’s panel
    • For first 15 days after the application is auto assigned , Labour Inspector will have the exclusive rights to
      • Initiate the application
      • Comment and change the status of the application.
      • Mark the application to the Labour Officer.
      • Reject the application (rights with Labour officer).
      If no action is taken by the Labour Inspector after 15 days, the Labour Officer can initiate processing.

      Provision for commenting, up-marking and down- marking on application.
  • Management Information System (MIS Reports) module
    • Different officer panel have access to different MIS reports
    • Detailed reports available district, LI, LO&DLC vise
    • Consolidated, Performance report for each application
    • After filling the respective performas the fee needs to be paid either through Credit/Debit card or by offline mode like treasury challan or bank pay slip
    • On successfully submission, the application is assigned to the concerned officer.
    • After a round of commenting and online processing if all criterias are met, an online registration certificate will be generated
    • Registration Certificate will be viewable, downloadable and printable from the user panel of the applicant
    • Application processing can be tracked and candidate can make necessary changes according to comments
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Phone : +91-172-5001817

Registration Process


  • Speed&Convenience
    • Fast file processing
    • Removes the need to travel, as now it is accessible online
    • No need to line up in long queues anymore, payment can be done online
  • Flexibility : Applications can be accessed any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week up until the closing dates
  • Enhanced Streamlining : Applications are organized&simplified in order to make them easy for the users
  • Downloads : forms and information regarding the department is easily available for downloading
  • Security and Accountability
    • Only the applicant and the receiving Government Department can access the information
    • Improved accounting and record keeping services
    • Online submission of forms reduces the risk of forms getting misplaced
  • Transparency : Most decisions of officials, and important rules and regulations are in the public domain which reduces chances of corruption, nepotism, favoritism
  • Increased computer literacy amongst the staff

Beneficiaries and Impact

  • Users: illegal shops greatly reduced. Awareness about laws
  • Shops/Factories: Acquiring certificate/license is now smoothened out
  • Officers: Integrity of work, Transparency, Efficiency
  • Presence on Haryana State portal