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    1Custom AR App Development

    Trigma offers tailor-made augmented reality application development services to create unique AR experiences that align with your specific business requirements. Whether you need an AR app for marketing, training, or any other purpose, we can develop a customized solution that meets your needs.

    2Mobile AR App Development

    Our team specializes in developing augmented reality mobile applications. By leveraging the capabilities of smartphones and tablets, we create immersive AR experiences that enhance user engagement and interaction. These apps can be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms.

    3Sensor-based AR/VR Desktop and Mobile Apps

    Trigma also excels in developing sensor-based AR and VR applications for desktop and mobile platforms. By utilizing various sensors like cameras, accelerometers, and gyroscopes, we create applications that can track real-world movements and provide an interactive augmented or virtual reality experience for users. These apps can be utilized across a range of industries, including gaming, education, and training.

    1AR Business Strategy Development

    Our experienced consultants will work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives and devise a comprehensive AR strategy that aligns with your business vision. Maximize the potential of augmented reality to drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and unlock new opportunities.

    2AR Market Analysis and Research

    Our team of analysts will conduct in-depth research, analyze market dynamics, and identify key insights and opportunities in the AR landscape. Leverage our research findings to make strategic business decisions and capitalize on the growing demand for augmented reality solutions.

    3AR Prototype Development

    Turn your AR ideas into reality with our fast and efficient AR prototype development services. Our skilled team of developers and designers will transform your concepts into functional AR prototypes, allowing you to visualize and validate your ideas before investing in full-scale development. Get a hands-on experience of your future AR solution and make informed decisions based on real-world interaction and user feedback.

    1AR App Maintenance and Updates

    Ensure the smooth and optimal performance of your AR applications with our maintenance services. We handle all aspects of app maintenance, including regular updates, bug fixes, and performance enhancements, to keep your AR app up-to-date and functioning seamlessly.

    2Bug Fixes and Troubleshooting

    Experience minimal disruption and maximize user satisfaction with our efficient bug fixing and troubleshooting services. Our expert technicians will identify and resolve any technical issues or glitches in your AR applications, ensuring a seamless and error-free user experience.

    3Technical Support for AR Solutions

    Get dedicated technical support for your AR solutions from our experienced team of professionals. We provide timely and reliable assistance to address any technical queries or concerns, helping you overcome challenges and optimize the performance of your AR applications.

    1Facial Recognition Platforms

    Harness the power of facial recognition technology to enhance your AR experiences. Our facial recognition platforms offer advanced capabilities such as face detection, analysis, identification, and verification. Unlock personalized user experiences, secure authentication, and targeted marketing campaigns with seamless integration of facial recognition into your AR applications.

    2Visual Recognition Solutions

    Augment your reality with our cutting-edge visual recognition solutions. Our platforms utilize image recognition technology to identify and analyze objects, logos, or patterns in real-time. Enhance user interactions, deliver contextual information, and enable immersive AR experiences through seamless integration of visual recognition into your applications.

    3Body Pose Estimation

    Enable interactive and immersive AR experiences with our body pose estimation solutions. By leveraging advanced algorithms and computer vision techniques, we accurately track and analyze human body movements in real-time. Whether it's for fitness apps, gaming, or virtual try-on experiences, our body pose estimation technology brings a new level of realism and engagement to your AR applications.



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    Why Choose Trigma

    Where innovation meets seamless execution to deliver captivating augmented reality experiences.

    Extensive AR Expertise

    Trigma boasts a team of highly skilled professionals with deep expertise in AR. Our specialists have a strong background in AR technologies, development frameworks, and industry best practices, ensuring that we deliver solutions of the highest quality.

    Successful AR Project Track Record

    Over the years, Trigma has successfully executed numerous AR projects across various industries. Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to deliver outstanding AR experiences that meet and exceed client expectations.

    Cutting-Edge AR Technology

    Staying ahead of the curve is paramount at Trigma. We continuously stay updated with the latest advancements in AR technology and tools, enabling us to leverage the most innovative solutions for our clients.

    Collaborative Approach

    By fostering a collaborative environment, we ensure that our clients’ unique ideas are incorporated throughout the development process. This collaborative approach results in AR solutions that truly align with our clients’ vision and goals.

    Efficient AR Project Development Process

    An agile development process that ensures efficient and captivating AR experiences for your audience.

    • 01

      Planning and Conceptualization

      Defining project goals and outlining the desired AR experience.

    • 02

      Design and Development

      Creating the user interface, developing 3D models, and integrating AR functionalities.

    • 03

      Testing and Iteration

      Validating functionality, addressing bugs, and refining the user experience based on feedback.

    • 04

      Deployment and Maintenance

      Publishing the application, ensuring compatibility, and providing ongoing support & updates.

    Technology Stack

    Embark on your AR journey with our cutting-edge technology stack, where we seamlessly blend innovation and expertise.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does it take to develop an AR application?

      The development timeline for an AR application varies depending on the complexity of the project, the desired features, and the availability of required assets.

      What data security measures are in place for AR applications?

      At Trigma, we prioritize data security and confidentiality. We implement industry-standard security measures to protect your data and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. We employ secure data transfer protocols, encryption techniques, and restricted access controls to safeguard your information.

      Can Trigma provide ongoing support and maintenance for AR applications?

      Yes, Trigma offers comprehensive support and maintenance services for AR applications. We provide regular updates, bug fixes, and feature enhancements to ensure optimal performance and user experience. Our dedicated support team is available to address any issues or queries you may have.

      Can Trigma develop AR applications for my specific industry?

      Absolutely. Trigma has extensive experience developing AR applications across various industries, including retail, real estate, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and more. Our team of experts can tailor AR solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of your industry.

      How can I get started with Trigma's AR services?

      Getting started is simple. Reach out to us through our website or contact us via email [email protected].