To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the number of customers who can be present simultaneously at your point of sale is limited. You can count the customers. Or use smart technology, which does it automatically. This is just one of the countless possibilities of the Internet of Things.

Your retail business becomes much more efficient when you equip “things” with sensors and connect them to the Internet. You can remotely see how much stock you have left, what the temperature is in your refrigerators, and if there are too many customers in your point of sale. The Internet of Things and data analytics offer these possibilities (and many more).



IoT allows you to monitor all your smart objects in real-time and makes adjustments.
When the car park is full, all you have to do is open the barrier to obtaining additional parking space. Real-time information allows you to make smart decisions. IoT is increasingly used to increase security, cost efficiency, and ease of use.

Are there not too many people in your store?

Proximus offers the “Entrance Monitoring” IoT solution: sensors installed at the entrance doors count the number of people. The merchant thus knows how many people are present at all times, which makes access control easier.
But there is still more you can do with this information. The number of visitors can be displayed on a screen so that customers know when it is safe to shop. And the merchant can use the data to avoid peak periods or attract more customers during low times.

The Benefits of IoT in Many Industries

IoT can automate an incredible number of processes and make buildings smarter. You can automatically adapt the temperature or light to environmental factors to provide more comfort to the user and reduce energy consumption. With sensors, you can see when your machines need maintenance and even predict possible problems.


The investment pays off very quickly and this technology is easy to install.
This contributes to the image of your company because customers appreciate this additional service, reliability, and security … And for managers, information is invaluable because “to measure is to know.” This allows them to understand better, control, and automate their business.
The right app for the right use
The IoT offers so many possibilities that it is recommended to work with an experienced partner to implement your projects so that the solutions are perfectly adapted to the activities and specific needs of the organization.

Proximus is a leader in innovation, IoT, and data analysis. Proximus has all the expertise necessary to guide companies in their digital transition and it is following the new mobile app trends. It is a reliable partner for all your telecom and ICT projects, from A to Z. Proximus not only offers the best networks (LoRa, NB-IoT, 5G) and technologies but also collaborates with a large number of strategic partners, which allows it to guarantee you an end-to-end solution adapted to the needs of your business.