PHP got the spotlight when Facebook and Wikipedia used this technology stack for their development process. Most people might not be aware of its abbreviation in the beginning. Initially, it was famous as a “PERSONAL HOME PAGE” but when it got its professional fame, it was termed as “HYPERTEXT PREPROCESSOR.”

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages globally. Different frameworks and CMS PHP introductions do not let the PHP popularity feed up.

In the past years, new PHP trends have increased PHP popularity in the IT world. There are different technologies frequently in the IT sector, but PHP has managed to keep ahead in this fast-changing IT world. This article will discuss the latest PHP trends in different fields.

Clubbing IoT with PHP:

Over the past few years, IoT (Internet of Things) has gained a lot of importance and is considered the future of the IT sector. PHP’s latest version (i.e., PHP 7) has introduced new features by which PHP can collaborate with IoT by performing multiple tasks with a single script and also offers an easy synchronization programming thread. When IoT came to the limelight, the PHP trend got affected a bit. But now, with the introduction of PHP’s latest version 7.x, they introduced new features which are compatible with the Internet of Things. It can be considered great news for PHP Developers.

PHP latest version:

With the PHP version update, it introduces new features which are compatible with the latest trend. Similarly, PHP’s latest version (PHP 7) has introduced new features and has also improved its security features. Now, developers can handle issues in a better way with the help of declarations and hints. PHP has also improved its usage optimization. When PHP updates its version, they keep in mind the latest trends and what new features are required to keep PHP in trend.

Adoption of AR & VR:

PHP’s latest trends also include the adoption of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with WordPress. In the latest WordPress websites and eCommerce websites/stores, users can find AR & VR features. It improves the user experience with eCommerce websites. When users visit eCommerce websites, only a good user experience can compel them to stay on the website and buy the product. Integrating AR and VR in eCommerce websites increases users/customers and helps the client’s business growth. PHP CMS (WordPress) adoption with AR & VR will help businesses progress better.

Outsource PHP:

For a growing business, the latest trend is to outsource PHP projects. So clients from different countries assign their projects to the developers remotely. It helps them to complete the projects cost-effectively. Most Americans appoint developers from other regions and they work remotely with different team members. It does not affect the project quality, but clients can get the required product on time with a reasonable budget. On the contrary, their local developers seek higher hourly prices, including infra charges, so outsourcing PHP is considered the best option for clients nowadays.

Web development:

For web development purposes, PHP is considered the most popular language for developers as chatbots are getting essential features of websites and apps. With the help of these open-source languages can create chatbots within very little time. It helps to improve the customer experience. By adding new features and updation in the PHP versions, PHP is still considered a vital language for developing the best web applications.

Better UI/UX:

PHP with the latest version and features, provides options for a better UI/UX experience. A better User experience helps to engage customers for a long time over the website and helps in business growth. Different features in PHP can be used to enhance the virtual representation and dynamic effects.

So all these facts don’t let us face any downfall in the popularity of PHP as an open-source language. It remains the trending language for both developers and clients. The developers who have experience with PHP have a vast scope. They learn new things with the passage of time, which makes their work interesting. Because of the new features, integration PHP remains preferred for the clients.