Automotive Roadside Assistance

July 2020–July 2021

In the last several years, the automotive repair industry has seen a tremendous shift.

In today’s fast-paced world, tech-savvy automobile owners are hesitant to attend a repair facility and instead want to acquire hassle-free repair services from their preferred location.

As a result, an on-demand app that provides automotive services is a means of providing outstanding user experiences while also extending the client base.


Project Vision & Challenges

The client sought to create a reliable and trusted automotive platform that uses technology to connect users and merchants. They wished to solve the common problems faced by motorists and were motivated to enhance the way automotive services are being engaged.

The client’s primary goal was to present users with reliable information and services at their fingertips while also assisting businesses with simple-to-implement solutions that would increase business efficiency, value, and customer satisfaction.

Thus, to address this challenge of inefficiency and lack of integration, it was critical to focus on simple operations, easy navigation, and safe data storage.

Automotive Roadside Assistance


To fulfill the requirements of the client, we designed/developed a mobile-based application that would offer solutions to all individuals who require immediate help with their vehicles and are willing to avail roadside assistance and get their cars or vehicles fixed on the road or at the workshop from helper or support workers. 

Individuals can then become a member of the application via signing up and can get in touch with their service providers/ workers. 

There are mainly two kinds of users in this application which are as follows: –

  1. Customers (End-Users)
  2. Service Providers (Support workers)


Technical Aspect

We addressed the client’s needs by building a mobile-based application that will be available on both IOS and Android devices. The app will offer workshop services to users and will allow them to do payment transactions securely through the app. Make a search, an inquiry, or a booking, and check your transaction history. 

The app will have users’ profiles, service providers’ profiles, and their information. The user would be able to send requests for the services, and the available service provider will get an offer to accept or decline the request. Once the service provider accepts the service request then after that, he will get connected to the app user, and the service will be provided in accordance with that. Additionally, End-users may utilize GPS tracking to monitor the status of their service.

The workshop booking service app will have three key stakeholders:

  1. The customer – Who needs assistance
  2. The service provider/tow truck driver– Who provides assistance
  3. The business admin/towing company owner – Who manages the entire service

Application Services & Tools

Users signing up on the automotive application would be able to avail many other services like: 

Roadside Assistance- Encounter a breakdown while driving? The app will offer emergency roadside assistance to aid you with your automotive needs.

Finding a Workshop- Need a workshop recommendation? Here the user may utilize the review system to choose a reliable workshop in their area for vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Hassle-Free Booking- Get notified regarding your next vehicle servicing appointment!

With the app’s booking feature, users will be able to experience hassle-free appointment booking and scheduling.

Car Valet Services- With this feature, customers can even request car valet service.

Car Installment CalculatorTool – Are you planning to buy a new car and would like to estimate how much you need to pay monthly for your car loan? This tool will help you plan your budget for the car price based on your preferred monthly payment.


Product Features

We intended to provide a uniform interface with simple navigation, clear action items, and simple/efficient procedures where a car owner could simply access and communicate with service providers, payment information, and maintenance schedule. Also, where every transaction completed using the app results in a reward.


The application is on its way to becoming the next innovative digital platform for the automobile sector. A unique Auto Tech which is helping service providers become digital with their operations, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, reaching out to new consumers while enabling them to expand globally. The suggested method bridges a significant gap in the automobile ecosystem.

Now, drivers may simply find the closest accessible emergency repair service!

The app also provides the next level of vehicle ownership concierge experience, allowing users to search and look for any automotive services at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.


  • 30% increase in the number of users signing up on the app
  • Customer satisfaction has resulted in an increase in new consumers 
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