Data Syncing Solution for a Prosthetics Business

Sep 2022–Dec 2022

Tech Used .NET Core, Angular, DevOps, Content Delivery Network, Cloudfare JS.

Services Provided  IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Maintenance & Support, web development 

It wasn’t a long time ago when people with amputated legs were unable to perform menial tasks, such as opening jars or walking uphill, that hadn’t been given their due attention by businesses. Fortunately, high-tech prostheses allow amputees to compete in triathlons, run marathons, and live productive lives. These new prostheses are changing the lives of people who have lost limbs through other severe injuries, diseases, car crashes, and work accidents. 

These advances in prosthetic limbs can increase the quality and longevity of life for an amputee, even though the devices can be costly.

Healthcare software systems provide various benefits, from improved health management to reduced medication errors. Such technological advancements help in healthcare administration and operations while making the patient experience better.

Healthcare software covers many types of applications, ranging from health management software to software for creating 3D medical images (DICOM). The following is a list of some popularly used custom healthcare software tools:

Telemedicine Software,

Electronic Health Records (EHR), 

Hospital Management Software

Medical Imaging Software


Client’s Demand

Our client runs an enterprise-level operation offering a line of prosthetic and orthotic devices that are both custom-built and off-the-shelf. They offer evaluation and treatment of patients with mobility issues using state-of-the-art technology to fabricate your device and help with your rehabilitation.

The client came to us with the requirement to develop, maintain and handle their front-end and back-end database for their e-commerce website (serving their end-user clients and retail vendors), their intra-business window services application that records and saves orders, a window scheduler application that parses HTML format emails, and other numerous apps that share data with one another. We needed to sync complex data among a dozen entities or systems


Our Approach

The effort revolved around having to maneuver data syncing solutions across multiple windows services within a business organization and making sure that the data within all these services is consistent

We provided our client with a team including experts in DotNet framework, Angular programming language, DevOps implementation, and cloud engineering. 

The e-commerce website was built on .NET Core, allowing people to order off-to-shelf as well as customized prosthetics, orthotics, pediatrics, and other advanced technology built for mobility. The website was also equipped with the option to allow 3D Views of the product and breadcrumb navigation that allows visitors to easily browse through product categories. It can be included right below the main navigation bar. 

One of the apps developed was a console window application that runs as a scheduler and collects all the orders placed on the main e-commerce website. The application starts every 5 minutes and draws all the mail content to parse it. Next, all the order details are stored at the commerce center in two separate folders categorized for successful and unsuccessful orders.

The other app, that is, the Freight matcher application. This application simply allowed the client to match or sync data. This data is regarding the sales and purchase orders and lets the user allocate freight expenses to specific customers/suppliers. This application also allows the user to evaluate how much compensation is due to be paid to their sales rep. Also, the user can make a backend query and manually calculate if there is a data mismatch.

Next, the API web application lets users access details as third-party. They can – get catalog data, stock availability data, pricing information, address information, and customer information and submit orders to an ERP System. The supplementary set of apps handles the data synchronization and any changes made to it.

The team handled the backend (built on . NET) of the e-commerce website that fetched data, as well as the front end (running on the Angular platform). The website was also integrated with Elasticsearch, a search and analytics engine that stores, search, and analyzes vast volumes of catalog data in near real time. And gives back answers in milliseconds. It achieves so by searching an index directly rather than searching the text.  

The data synchronization endeavors of the applications included sorting through the data and syncing it with existing databases, updating changes automatically between multiple applications, and parsing it out regularly while maintaining the data integrity. 

All of This is Done with the Intent to –

  • Let users receive product information the quickest way possible. 
  • Let business executives receive the latest data for strategic decisions.  

Our Experts Assured –

  • Accurate and secure compliance of data, 
  • Congruence between all sources of data and endpoints,
  • Consistent and cleaned data free of errors, conflicts, privacy breaches, and duplication.

Managing Performance

To successfully synchronize the data, we made sure it passes through five phases:

  • Extraction from the source
  • Transfer
  • Transformation
  • Transfer
  • Load to target

If any of these phases are missed or incomplete, it shall impact the result. Especially since the cloud produces a large volume of data, synchronization must be a priority to keep performance at its best.


How data moves through a system needs to meet certain regulatory standards related to specific industries and privacy laws. Unique systems have different policies and access requirements. Data breaches or leaks, problems with trade licenses or government regulations, and reputation loss, these effects typically lead to a loss of customers and revenue.



The array of applications generated helped the company in the following ways-

  • Real-time, seamless and accurate synchronization of data.
  • 72 % Improvement in value of data
  • 43% increase in user resolution rate
Prosthetics Business

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