E-Market for Automotive Service Providers

Sep 2022–Dec 2022

Tech Used- Laravel( PHP)+ HTML

Services ProvidedWeb development, Design, Custom software services

Automotive commerce is one of the most intricate businesses in the world. Unfortunately, individual service providers have it even harder in an industry that is getting bigger, smarter, and more complex by the day. From needing convenient access to quality repair technology and dealing with ever-changing pieces of equipment to a lack of professional staff and having to buy lots of products that make only little sales, the business of only some service providers is booming.

Automotive services

Client’s Demand

The client came to us with an interest in building a solution for the challenges that solo, big or small automotive repair and service businesses face. The fundamental idea was to build an online marketplace for auction houses, dealerships, auto garages, body shops, solo mechanics, accessory sellers, and other service providers where they can offer these services to a large customer base. The client also required the web application to allow users to make easy payments, manage pricing and customer data, and access user activity statistics. 

 The introduction of this platform is expected to-

– Improve the scenario of sales for small automotive dealerships, auction houses, repair and service provider.

-Improve customer reach for automotive and repair vendors.

-Make it extremely simple for customers to find repair garages, auction houses, etc., make comparisons based on reviews, and even enjoy customer service options.

– Letting sellers use valuable customer insights for better business decisions.



“Developing on the Idea”

The web development process was supported using laravel (PHP) and HTML programming languages. The aim was to create a straightforward User interface that lets people smoothly navigate through various elements of the application. The inspiration for the website structure was acquired by conducting thorough research on popular e-commerce stores. The website was also designed keeping SEO and mobile-friendliness in mind. 

The functionality was built with the prospect of internal linking remaining as flexible as possible. A grid-based layout to keep the content organized and easily crawlable for search engine bots is also intended to attract and influence visitors and eventually convert them into purchasing customers. Finally, our team of developers believes that a balanced order results in an aesthetically pleasing website and leads to more traffic.


“Automotive Service Vending Made Easy”

The application allows vendors to set up profiles for their shops/businesses paired with standard features like the ability to showcase addresses, services, logos, photos, contact details, etc. 

Thanks to the comprehensive research of our experts, the website allows vendors to sell their services and display them on their profiles with the utmost detailed description. 

The services encompass from AC Service, Car wash, collision repair, custom build, dealership, fabrication, welding to countless more. 


“Effectively Formed Admin Control”

An admin can conveniently manage their Automotive Shops, Dealerships, and Auction Houses and add new shops, make edits to the profile, and delete them if required. The admin will be shown the option to view user activities, analyze statistics, see how many users have registered and have created profiles on the website, etc. The admin can also manage tickets created on the front end. The application has a feature to allow users to make complaints, handle customer queries, pricing services, and run advertisements.


 The launch of the website led to the following results:-

– An increased market capitalization of 31%. 

– About 59% of auto service providers and repair shop vendors registered to the platform in a period of 6 months.

– 4 in 5 vendors on the website said they experienced an exponential surge in their sales.

E-Market for Automotive

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