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July 2021–Dec 2021


Core Technology – Platform OS, Tailwind CSS

Services and Assistance – CMS, Web Development, UI/UX design

At Trigma, we are all about user experience. We design compelling, simple, and functional websites that make it easy for visitors to conveniently find what they’re in search of when they use your site. And then eventually convert them into paying clients.

Our team of developers understands that creating an online experience transforms website visitors into customers, followers, and ambassadors. We plan on meeting our client’s expectations by listening to you and your target audience and putting our digital expertise to work on a plan that will improve our client’s business goals and alter how they think. We hope to elevate their brand by making on/off page search engine optimization and competitive analysis, giving them the expected results.

Event Venue Finder


Finding the right venue is a skill set of its own. People eyeball many things while trying to bag a venue, the enigmatic “wow” factor, the food, the location, and most importantly, the capacity. Because numerous preferences decide which venue is the perfect online venue, finding platforms can be a haven for people.


Client’s Demand

The objective of the client was to build an online platform that enables people in need of an event venue. The project aimed to make event venue searches seamless and much more streamlined, allowing people to employ their preferences before being bombarded with options. Therefore, people can choose between the options that directly cater to them in the resultant search list. They also wished to bring the venue booking and payment systems under their umbrella.


“Developing on the Idea”

We aimed at giving a high-end look and feel to their site. We approached the challenge by designing a user experience that touches three aspects-

  • what users want to see,
  • easy management for the website admin,
  • and straightforward control for the venue owners.

We came up with an initial idea of building an intuitive portal that handles data about various event venues, including the possibility of adding or showing images around the event venues, building and implementing functionality for admin and user account management of the portal, and delivering a fast-loading online event venue finder platform that performs well and exhibits stability.   


“Inclusive and Engaging UI Design”

Our web designers started with deciding how to categorize and navigate the content and determine user key needs. Then, they worked on iterations to create new designs that would get the attention of each user of the site. Our development team understands that the website’s homepage should instantly communicate and highlight the core message and purpose, as we’re very well aware that the audience rarely reads every word on a site. Users usually scan the page and pick keywords, images, and sentences. It’s better to appeal to emotions than to nail a word count! Also, we made sure to include CTAs without overreaching to the audience, from purchasing to signing up. Finally, we understand the importance of encouraging site visitors to take action with your Call-To-Action button on your site’s homepage.

“Streamlined Search Results”

Our talented UI/UX designers used designs meticulously that serve the purpose of venue finders. As evident, the home page lands users to choose categories and begin searching on the platform. These categories are supported by other filters which further make the search result on the website more fitting as per user. They can also ‘sort’ their results in desired price slabs. The venue owners can purchase their position on the “featured venue” to fetch more bookings or popularity among finders. 

Along with the venue names, users can read other relevant information about the places, like their address, Images and videos (Uploaded by the service provider), Capacity allowed, Menu details, Rental hours, and contract details. Moreover, users have the option of reading as well as posting reviews on the platform!


“Convenient Notification System”

To make things even more handy, we enabled the platform to notify finders when their booking is accepted and/or rejected by the venue owners and when the payment for initial deposit is successful. The venue owners, on the other hand, get notified when a booking request is made, a payment is received, and when a review is posted by a customer.


-High visitor engagement.

32% increase in website traffic.

-Aid to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

-Also, the website has proven to be an excellent learning tool for the client to understand his consumer’s behavior.

-27% increment in clients.

Website traffic

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