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Sep 2020–Feb 2021

Owning digital ecosystems has already become a broad concept. Popular ecosystems span over multiple industries and involve varied segments of customers, industries, businesses, and partners. 

Due to the emergence of this technology, the traditional mindsets of the “control and centralized” approach are falling apart, whereas the mindset of “combining and connecting” is coming forth. A sales ecosystem, for that matter, is composed of processes, systems, and people responsible for revenue generation, working cooperatively to support your customer needs and new products.

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The client wanted to create a centralized location where consumers visiting Las Vegas would have 24/7 access to all deals (nightclubs, pool parties, buffets, helicopter rides) published by the vendors. Thus, saving the consumer’s time from browsing at different locations and allowing them to purchase instantly using a single platform.

They also aimed at selling the unsold inventory not being put to use. This can prove to be a passive but significant source of revenue for vendors. The deals are provided at discounted prices to help customers save money and still have a great experience.

In addition, listening effectively to the customers’ requirements and passing on the information to the vendor can generate more sales and help improve the business’s work.



We developed a Consumer Delivery App, an Inventory Management System, and a Sales Ecosystem that would allow companies in the Las Vegas market to publish perishable inventory onto the application. 

The deals are posted by vendors, which then go live to the consumers or to the Host community, who come in daily contact with thousands of guests that match the company’s targeted audience.

For user-friendly working, three different applications were created for the vendor, the consumer, and the associate host. 

Vendors can push out ‘real-time deals’ to consumers and the Associate Hosts, who will see the deals at the right time and at a price rate appealing enough to be purchased. Associate hosts shall act as a team of sellers willing to pitch the client’s products to consumers they come in contact with. In return, they earn a small margin of profit from the vendors.

The application allows earning revenues by selling inventory that otherwise would have never been recouped. 


The users were provided with 24/7 access to all deals published by vendors in one location. The deals naturally attracted the user’s attention as they consisted of all the popular activities to do in Vegas. 

Further, the users were provided a user-friendly interface to book their deals from a single platform at discounted prices, thus saving their time and money.

This application has even provided vendors with revenue opportunities by selling inventory that otherwise was wasted and thus was able to raise their net profits by 35%.

In addition, an associate host who comes in contact with the targeted audience also has a chance to make extra income by introducing those people to the consumer app.

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