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Jan–Sep 2022

Since times known, cabs have played a significant role in increasing mobility for people worldwide. Furthermore, unlike public transport, cabs are now available at our fingertips, providing their service 24 hours a day. People working or partying late at night can truly make use of safer and more comfortable ways to commute, even when all metro lines are shut.

Using online cab-hailing services, passengers can avail of cabs driven by skilled drivers at affordable and dynamic prices based on destination and demand available at the time.

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Problem Statement 

Finding cabs is a common problem among people living in large cities. Even if one considers a taxi, there are complaints about long waits, incorrect routes, poor service, or a high number of cancellations. 

Not just that, there are a few issues that need to be addressed on the supply side as well. For example, dozens of taxis lined up at every central hotel and airport in both big and small cities. This excess supply of taxi cabs in some places and scarcity in others represents an inability to allocate them efficiently according to customer demand in real time. 

Therefore, this perpetual mismatching of taxis and passengers needs to be fixed using a more advanced market version where an efficient digital platform governs car-hire services.

Along with this mismatch, there is also the unavailability of an option where cab service providers can present their service areas for people to book them in. The cab providers right now cannot notify their service type and rate plans according to various routes, queue time, wait time, and many other specifications that passengers can use when booking a scheduled or on-the-spot ride on mainstream car and service provider platforms.



The project was achieved by building a digital platform where people can book taxi cabs for themselves online, using their real-time single location or choosing prompts suggested by the system. These prompts offer a few superior pickups and drop-off points for people to avail of an economical fare. 

The platform also allows users to create scheduled rides where they can decide their daily pickup and drop-off times and locations. Moreover, the platform/website also allows its users to select “zones.” These zones can be used to discover which area taxi service providers are ready to provide their cabs in, plus the number of cabs available in that zone. Along with this basic information, the admin provides a plethora of relevant information about both scheduled and right-away rides, like-

  • Service branches are a bigger group of small “zones” where the cab service providers provide their service.
  • Logged in drivers and their status (whether they are active or inactive at the moment).
  • Service type offered by the driver- one-way or two-way trips
  • Rate plans proposed – long and short distance plans, fare, commissions by the minute
  • Queue-specific info- Number of queues in the area, queue time(how much time before a person gets assigned a driver)
  • Cancellation for regular and after hours
  • The grace period (until when is it free to cancel a ride)
  • Grace period for the driver ( minutes late before losing cancellation fee
  • free wait time for the right 
  • Commission percent deducted


The client achieved a sophisticated digital system that streamlined the workflow for a cab service provider and provided a single platform for comprehensive and relevant information for concerned parties.

The client earned 29% more bookings in just one month and a 47% increase in their profits. With the steady growth expected in the business, the client is expecting to need 10% more drivers in the coming months.

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