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June–Dec 2022

Traveling is one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. Going to new places and experiencing new things is incredible, and thanks to the internet, which has made our life easier and more comfortable, one can quickly plan a trip and explore.

Travel mobile apps have completely transformed the tourist sector by allowing users to engage in value-added and personalized interactions. As a result, our client was eager to develop an effective travel mobile app that would assist tourists in having the finest experiences possible by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Travel Social Media App - ARCTIC TERN


The main goal was to connect tourists and help meet like-minded travel lovers. One upside of this app is that it alleviates the anxiety and tension of traveling alone. If you travel alone and wish to do activities with other travelers, this app can help you find them. Or, better yet, find someone to take on a trip with you having a comparable budget and mutual interests. You can also find hosts and locals with whom you may connect and exchange cultural experiences to better our communities.




Tech used: Flutter & Laravel

We designed a travel social media app for both iOS and Android platforms for all sorts of travelers. The app will enable users to meet people while traveling or find someone to travel with. Users can discover travelers with similar interests, ask app users to join them on their trip, and meet with locals or travelers heading to the same place. Here’s the list of all the amazing features the app provides –

Travel Calendar: Stay organized with who you’re meeting. Where (Place), When (Date), and with Whom (Person from the app)

Search Menu: The user can search and can choose a value from the dropdown list- 1) Find a travel partner, 2) Meet someone, 3) Meet someone and be hosted. Following that, users may input their travel location and date preferences.

Profile Setup: The user is given several choices when creating a profile. They can add information about themselves and their preferences for a travel partner. Information about their desired budget, places visited, and pictures from prior travels may be added to help establish communities.

Security Features: You can share your travel plans (that you made with other travelers within the app) with your emergency contact or references. Also, the app verifies the level of information that a user has provided.

Find Hosts & Chat Before the Meeting: If you locate a host in the region you intend on traveling to, it’s worth sending them a message to see if they’d be willing to meet during your trip. Simply enter your destination, choose a preferred gender for your buddy, and add your travel dates.

The app thus serves as an excellent resource for meeting new people worldwide.


According to Google Play and App Store, the application achieved more than 16 installs in its initial phase. The growth of travel app downloads has continued into 2022 due to the surge in travel.

Travel Social Media App - ARCTIC TERN

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