Machine Learning Applications: Are They a Part of Our Lives?

Machine Learning Applications: Are They a Part of Our Lives?

If you are tech-savvy then you must have heard about AI and Machine learning applications. Machine learning applications are everywhere from being integrated into social media platforms to self-driving cars. The point is that machine learning is significant technology and is growing at a fast pace.

ML is a part of Artificial Intelligence, today we are going to give some examples of machine learning that we use every day. 

Social Media Features

You must have noticed Facebook suggesting you specific accounts to follow or friends’ suggestions- all this is a part of machine learning. Social media platforms use machine learning algorithms to create suggestions that are appealing and have amazing features. Again if we talk about Facebook, it notices your chats, posts you have liked, and the amount of time you spend on those posts. Machine learning learns from a person’s choices and offers them the same of their interest.

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All this is great because you get a better and personalized news feed. Here are some examples that you may recognize:

Face Recognition: You post a picture of your friend and you, Facebook instantly recognize that friend. How Facebook does this? It’s quite interesting- Facebook checks the pose and unique features in the picture and then matches them with the people in your friend list.

People You May Know: Another great feature but again how Facebook finds people that are related to you in some way?  You have to learn one thing about machine learning that is- they work on a simple concept, understanding with experience.

Facebook keenly keeps an eye on the friends you connect with, the profiles you browse, your workplace, interests. On the mere basis of this understanding and experiencing, a list of ‘people you may know’ is created that you can possibly become friends with.

Product Recommendations

Wonder how you get product recommendations that suit your likings and interests often?  Product recommendations are one of the best features of machine learning. Sometimes it even shows you mobile app trends from where you can buy the product. Using machine learning and AI technology a website track your choices and behaviour based on your previous purchases and gives you perfect product recommendations.

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Sentiment Analysis

To say it in simple terms, sentiment analysis is a real-time machine learning application that evaluates the opinion and emotions of the writer or a speaker. For example, if someone has written an email or a review, a sentiment analyzer will instantly figure out the tone and thought of the text. The best example of a sentiment analyzer is the Grammarly app.

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Virtual Personal Assistant

Siri, Alexa, Google Now are some of the most popular examples of a virtual personal assistants. As the name speaks itself, a virtual personal assistant listens to your command (your voice) and finds you information or calls someone and many other functions.

Of course, it is different from having a real human working for you, but still, a virtual personal assistant is the future of humankind. All you have to do is activate the assistant and voila you have a friend and assistant- two in one.

Machine learning is an important part of a virtual assistant as they are responsible for collecting and processing the information. Following are some examples of virtual assistants applied to a variety of platforms;

Smart Speakers: Google Home and Amazon Echo

 Mobile Apps: Google Allo

 Smartphones: Samsung Bixby on Samsung S8

We hope you now understand how machine learning has become a part of our daily lives. Please share some examples with us of how machine learning is a part of your life in the comments below. And if you want to work on something as exciting as AI then you can fill out the contact us form and we (Trigma team) will get back to you!

IoT applications in the fight against COVID-19

IoT applications in the fight against COVID-19

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the number of customers who can be present simultaneously at your point of sale is limited. You can count the customers. Or use smart technology, which does it automatically. This is just one of the countless possibilities of the Internet of Things.

Your retail business becomes much more efficient when you equip “things” with sensors and connect them to the Internet. You can remotely see how much stock you have left, what the temperature is in your refrigerators and if there are too many customers in your point of sale. The Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics offer these possibilities (and many more).

IoT allows you to monitor all your smart objects in real time and make adjustments.

When the car park is full, all you have to do is open the barrier to obtain additional parking space. Real-time information allows you to make smart decisions. IoT is increasingly used to increase security, cost efficiency and ease of use.

Are there not too many people in your store?

Proximus offers the “Entrance Monitoring” IoT solution: sensors installed at the entrance doors count the number of people. The merchant thus knows how many people are present at all times, which makes access control easier.

But there is still more you can do with this information. The number of visitors can be displayed on a screen so that customers know when it is safe to shop. And the merchant can use the data to avoid peak periods or attract more customers during low times.

The benefits of IoT in many industries

IoT can automate an incredible number of processes and make buildings smarter. You can automatically adapt the temperature or light to environmental factors to provide more comfort to the user and reduce energy consumption. With sensors, you can see when your machines need maintenance and even predict possible problems.

The investment pays off very quickly and this technology is easy to install.

This contributes to the image of your company because customers appreciate this additional service, reliability, security … And for managers, information is invaluable because “to measure is to know”. This allows them to better understand, control and automate their business.

The right app for the right use

The IoT offers so many possibilities that it is recommended to work with an experienced partner to implement your projects so that the solutions are perfectly adapted to the activities and specific needs of the organization.

Proximus is a leader in the field of innovation, IoT and data analysis.

Proximus has all the expertise necessary to guide companies in their digital transition and it is following the new mobile app trends. It is a reliable partner for all your telecom and ICT projects, from A to Z. Proximus not only offers the best networks (LoRa, NB-IoT, 5G …) and technologies but also collaborates with a large number of partners strategic, which allows it to guarantee you an end-to-end solution adapted to the needs of your business.

Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Smartphones have become a constant in our lives; technology has become a huge part of every one of us without a doubt.

The future of mobile app looks brighter, in 2021 many smart technologies will emerge revolutionizing the mobile app industry.

IoT- Internet of Things

From morning to night we all depend on the internet for our work, the human simply cannot function without its presence. If we think that it has no control over our bedroom, kitchen, and living room then certainly we are mistaken. 

Image Credit: Network World

IoT is growing rapidly with positive responses, its significance cannot be denied. From smart home security systems, appliances, health monitors, biometric cybersecurity scanners surprisingly IoT is already a part of common lifestyle. 

According to a study published, globally internet of things is expected to reach a business of more than 200 $ billion this year (2021). If we compare it to the year 2019, 2021 sees growth of almost 14 % overall. The years coming ahead promises more growth for IoT. 

IoT can be time-saving too; suppose you reach the office and you suddenly realize that you have forgotten to lock your home. Generally, this situation is worrisome but with the help of IoT, you can lock the house from your current location. Isn’t that amazing? With such brilliant technology, the future generation can make the best out of their time and do not have to worry about things. 

Following are some of the future trends of IoT, check it out:

  • Smart homes and cities
  •  Smart and self-driving automobiles
  •  AI-powered IoT devices
  •  IoT in healthcare

VR and AR Technology

A survey by Clutch found that about 17 % of small business owners are interested in VR and AR as a marketing tool. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are garnering recognition on social media, people are talking about it with the craze. The real reason behind VR and AR popularity lies in its capabilities, its scope in marketing, gaming, brand development, and of course entertainment.

Image Credit: Agility PR

We have posted two in-depth blogs on VR and AR, If you are one of those who are not active on social media or have no idea what we are talking about then this blog is a must-read.

VR and AR are cousins, they have one big thing in common and that is the ability to alter our perception of the real world. You can escape from the world around you and experience something which for the first time can be described as ‘amazing’.

The HUGE difference between them is that Virtual Reality can transport the consumer or user. It can bring us to another land, a place very much similar to an unrealistic and imaginary one. 

5g Technology

The rollout of 5g technology can have a big impact on 2021 app trends. The use of 5g in mobile app technology has been anticipated a lot of times; hopefully, this will be the year where developers can go all bare with the magnificent 5g technology.

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Blockchain Technology

With the use of blockchain technology, there stands a firm chance to develop centralized mobile applications. In 2018, blockchain technology was used to create cryptocurrency mostly. This technology can be far more huge than we can expect, blockchain offers complete security for all sensitive information and transactions or exchange of significant documents.

Image Credit: CDN.

The decentralized app, in short Dapps, is already loved and apps exist such as in finance, media, healthcare. This year Dapps will enter other industries as well with maximum chances of being successful. To say it in simple words, Dapps are the new future of mobile app development.

Future Trends of Blockchain
– Anti-piracy
– Secure public elections
– Asset tokenization
– Swarm robotics

On-Demand Apps

There is no doubt in saying that smartphones have become a gigantic part of our lives. They help us and fulfill our demands with the use of smart apps. There are a lot of apps people uses every single day such as health apps, money transactions app, and others.

On-demand apps come in many shapes such as grocery delivery apps, taxi services apps, food delivery apps, flower delivery apps and so and so.

Image Credit: Apptunix

The year 2021 can be big for on-demand apps as many app development companies are leaning towards the same. Following are some of the future trends of on-demand apps;

– Babysitting apps
– Salon apps
– Laundry apps

Because of the pandemic, the pressure is full-on, almost the entire world is dependent on the internet for most of their work. Teachers, students for online classes, majority of people doing work from home.

With the gaining popularity of on-demand services, Mobile application development companies like Trigma are emphasizing building mobile apps that will get services to the doorsteps of it

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Which Technology to Choose for Your Business?

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Which Technology to Choose for Your Business?

In our last blog, we explained augmented and virtual reality, in this blog we will help you decide which technology to choose for your business in 2021. If you have NOT read our last blog, (AR vs. VR) we suggest reading it before indulging in the below blog. 

According to the Global News Wire, “The global augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market is estimated to generate revenue of USD 22.1 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 161.1 billion by 2025, witnessing 48.8% CAGR during the forecast period.”

Image Credit- Innovame

Augmented reality and virtual reality have become more accessible than before; with the reach it promises to attract viewer’s attention. And attracting a potential customer is all that businesses and marketers need to desire.  Every brand needs to stay one step ahead of its competition, not just a brand; every small, medium and growing business uses marketing as a great tool to bring revenue. Using VR and AR as a marketing tool can be a game-changer for every kind of business. 

A survey by Clutch found that about 17 % of small business owners are interested in VR and AR as a marketing tool

How can Virtual and Augmented Reality help your business grow?

VR and AR now have grown beyond the video games world. Being a businessman or businesswoman, you should be aware of the significance these technologies hold.

Check out some of the following facts to upgrade your knowledge; 

  • According to Facebook Business IQ, almost 60 % of people are interested in using AR to hang out with their friends and families. 
  • In another fact, according to Facebook Business IQ 47 % of people agree that VR will be considered as a real physical world.
  • You will be surprised to know that about 60 % of people have tried AR experience created by online shopping.

Image Credit: Media Post

When choosing AR or VR for your business measuring budget and your goals might be the most significant aspect. Keep the following points in mind;

Entice Customers with an In-house VR Experience

Implementing VR to attract customers can be a really good strategy because; there are still a lot of people not familiar with the VR experience. VR devices or technology is still not in reach to a lot of people, reasons can be it being expensive. So for the customers, who have not yet experienced VR (and those who have), VR can be fun. 

You can make a deal with a superstore or a mall to install a VR device. Customers then can simply put on their headsets and have a unique experience; this can leave a strong impression on a customer.  Check out the following video to get an idea;

Go Through Potential Customers

Every business’s main goal is to get more and more customers to make a profit. Many businesses forget to keep one thing in mind- customers reach.  If your idea, product, or content cannot reach potential customers then the whole hard work goes to the bin.

For companies or businesses that have their root in the entertainment or technology industry, the use of VR can prove to be successful.  The main goal of using VR is simple- the brand wants to paint their product (whatever they are offering) as unique, adventurous, modern, and innovative. Before you think to invest a substantial amount of money in VR make sure to ask some key questions;

  • Do your target audiences have access to VR-able devices?  Is VR the ‘legitimate’ thing or way to represent your brand?
  • Will your target audience like to use their VR devices for your product? Is there any other way to apply VR and save money?

Opt for AR to Reach Maximum Number of People

Remember Pokémon Go? What was the reason behind its huge success rate?

People went crazy over this game because they could play it whenever they wanted and wherever they desired. All they had to do was use their easily available mobile. AR is beneficial for the video game industry without a doubt, but it holds great scope for many other industries as well. 

Image Credit: Vox

Businesses can help their audiences visualize what their product can look like in shape, quantity, or size. Familiar approaches of VR can be traced to popular social media apps as well such as Snapchat and Instagram. 

Scope of VR and AR in the Future

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector is ever-growing and thus it has gigantic potential to advantage from both VR and AR technology. Whether you are an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to start an FMCG business or already in this business- AR and VR is a great option. 

Image Credit: CSG

A customer journey is essential from the beginning, these days ecommerce shines, VR and AR can be incorporated at every step. Lots of retailers are investing in VR and AR to give their customers an enriched experience. Brand loyalty is important when you want to earn continuous success. Offering refreshing services from time to time can evoke customers’ interest in your product. 

Augmented reality can make education more fun for the coming generation (as mentioned in our previous blog as well). Forbes published an article, The 5 Ways VR and AR Will Change the Way We Learn at School, with in-depth facts and knowledgeable points on implementing VR and AR in schools. 

In the End: Want to add VR and AR in your business marketing? Reach out to us, Trigma Solutions, NOW for information and solution. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality: What is the Real Difference Between Them?

Virtual and Augmented Reality: What is the Real Difference Between Them?

Remember the times when we were kids and we used to get excited by the thought of playing ludo? (any 90’s kid here?)

Those times are never coming back instead kids these days are high on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) video games. It is not a bad thing really, you can experience the thrill of killing a zombie while wearing PJ.

This was about video games but the real magic of VR and AR is seen when it is applied to ‘marketing’.

Credit: IndiaToday

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are garnering recognition on social media, people are talking about it with the craze. The real reason behind VR and AR popularity lies in its capabilities, its scope in marketing, gaming, brand development, and of course entertainment.

If you are one of those who are not active on social media or have no idea what we are talking about then this blog is a must read.

To make VR and AR more interesting for you, here is a fact according to research by Deloitte, almost 90 per cent of companies with annual revenue of between $100 million and $1 billion are into augmented and virtual reality technology.

Difference Between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

I hope by now you want to read about VR and AR, so without wasting any time let me explain to you what is virtual reality and augmented reality?

Credit: digitalbodies

VR and AR are cousins, they have one big thing in common and that is the ability to alter our perception of the real world. You can escape from the world around you and experience something which for the first time can be described as ‘amazing’.

The HUGE difference between them is that Virtual Reality has the ability to transport the consumer or user. It can bring us to another land, a place very much similar to an unrealistic and imaginary one. How? Through closed visor or goggles.

Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboardring a bell?

All these already famous VR gadgets are available in the market to give you an exciting Virtual Reality experience. If you have not heard or used any of these gadgets be ready to be blown away.

Putting a Virtual Reality headset over your eyes might leave you blind but will expand your other senses. With VR you might find yourself on top of Mount Everest or experience the battle of World War I or II your choice. The horizon of VR is wide enough to keep you interested forever. In the future, Virtual Reality may become a source of teaching students about the events of history, geography, famous personalities. The possibilities of watching and experiencing VR are infinite.

Check out the video below to experience VR:

Augmented Reality, on the other hand, uses digital elements and adds that to our current physical reality, and creates an artificial reality. It does not take us or move us to somewhere else like Virtual Reality. To say it in simple language, it “augments” our current state of presence.

What is the Real Difference Between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

Think about scuba diving vs going to the aquarium.

We don’t know how many of you have done scuba diving, but it is one of the greatest adventures a person can experience in his or her lifetime. When you scuba dive, you are in the depths of the ocean, watching sea animals swim surrounding you, you feel the water, and much more.

And when you visit an aquarium, you get to see sea animals floating in the water but this time you are not swimming. You are viewing fishes, octopuses, and other animals doing their business.

The following video is for your understanding of Augmented Reality, enjoy;

With virtual reality, you can see a dolphin, know how it feels like to swim next to a dolphin. And in augmented reality, you can see a dolphin pop out of your business card. Both technologies are great and amazing, to begin with, for what purpose you require any of them is the real question.

While virtual reality is fantastic, augmented reality gives freedom to a marketer because it does not require a full-fledged video. With augmented reality, businesses get wide possibilities, they can be creative and create amazing things.

BBC Earth utilized augmented reality to give a unique experience to the public. The video is worth watching, people are mesmerized by the au watch and enjoy while waiting for their transport.

Advantages of Virtual Reality

  • It creates an interactive environment
  • Convenient
  • Boost to working capabilities
  • Creates a real-life experience for the viewer for better learning

Advantages of Augmented Reality

  • It offers individual learning
  • Can be used in wide variety of fields
  • Augmented reality can be used to enhance meeting presentations
  • It can be used for better classroom learning
  • Easy to use

Conclusion: Both AR and VR are amazing and can be integrated into business marketing. Here at Trigma, we have skilled developers who can create VR and AR according to your demand.

We can give beneficial input and consult you as well with your VR or AR business project. Get in touch with us and take a step ahead TODAY. If you want to simply discuss your VR or AR project, feel free to reach out to us.

Why Should You Outsource PHP Development Projects?

Why Should You Outsource PHP Development Projects?

Do you know which one of the oldest general-purpose scripting languages is? 

We’ll give you a hint it starts with a ‘P’ can be merged into HTML and is exclusively used for web development. Yes, we are talking about PHP, a personal home page, nowadays recognized as a hypertext processor. Always in demand and getting new trends, PHP is still one of the most used languages used in web development. 

PHP is practical, flexible, and user-friendly and is behind the most famous websites in the world such as Facebook, WordPress, Slack, Spotify, Tumblr, and many others. More than 200 million websites are present on the internet built with the help of PHP. If you are thinking of web development you would need a brilliant PHP development company


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Why India is the best country for outsourcing PHP development projects?

Outsourcing will be beneficial when it comes to web development because of many reasons and this is what exactly we’ll be explaining today. It is nothing new and lots of companies go for outsourcing simply because of workload or limited resources. 

Before jumping to any conclusion, let us take a look at some of the interesting outsourcing facts and figure out why India is considered a major choice;

  • According to a Global Outsourcing Survey, conducted by the IT giant Deloitte, over 78% of business owners are content with their outsourcing partner.  
  • In an article published by Outsource2India, almost 82% of US-based companies voted India as their first choice for software outsourcing. 
  • According to another survey, 80% of firms in countries such as Europe and the The USA choose India for their outsourcing work. 
  • Cost 

    One of the most obvious and huge advantages of outsourcing PHP development projects is cost reduction. Every project comes with a budget and a cost that a company has to bear. Not all companies have the resources or efficiency to carry out the project smoothly. In such scenarios where cost spent is much more than received, outsourcing seems a great option.
  • Access to Pool of Talent 

    Outsourcing opens door to new creative ideas and solutions and at the same time gives opportunity to talent. Indian companies have highly skilled web developers that can deliver amazing results. This may be considered as a salient perk of outsourcing, with deep knowledge of PHP trends and expertise. 

    India without a doubt has earned the place of being called an IT hub worldwide. Due to the increasing demand for web developers in India, every company is delivering the best work to grab international projects. 
  • Reduction in Operating Costs 

    Typically a month-long PHP development project will cost you around $10,000 approximately. Contrary to it, if you go for a more budget-friendly option that is to outsource in India it will cost you only 20 to 30%. Ultimately your main goal is to get the result that is not only good but meets your expectation along with less expenditure. Hiring an Indian PHP development company is the first step to your goal.
  • Round the Clock Support and Less Development Time 

    By hiring an Indian company, you can utilize time and manage your business 24/7 as there is a difference of 12-hours between both countries’ time zones. With the help of useful apps such as Slack and Skype, communication has become easier. Most outsourcing companies have day and night shift that makes support system stronger. 

Credit: AnalyticsIndia

  • Language Barrier: A Myth 

    English is the main language in Indian companies for decades for work and communication. The language barrier does not exist simply and even if it does due to accent it can be managed by text communication. To say it gingerly, you will not face any difficulty in communication. 
  • Increased Security 

    PHP is a secure scripting language but that doesn’t mean completely conceal. When you hire an outsourcing partner to work on website development they will make sure of security. After years of practice, PHP language makes a developer well acquainted with its weak points and PHP trends.

    In such a scenario, they can use safeguards to keep a tab on any vulnerability such as Content Security Policy (CSP). CSP can detect attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting and act as a security barrier for your website. 
  • Team of Dedicated Developers

    Whether you hire a team or an individual, it depends on you but if you go for a team then you can get the following benefits; 
  • 24/7 support
  • Focus on core in-house developments
  • Scope of multiple revisions
  • A creative and different vision
  • Fast trouble-shooting 
  • Big work force= fast results 

A company may hire a team because its developers cannot handle numerous numbers of projects. This creates a burden on your team which eventually leads to poor work performance. Hiring a team gives your company developers to focus on projects and give outstanding results. 

  • Time to Market 

    It is salient to create your website or app as fast as possible to decrease its time in the market. This way you can stay ahead of your competition, and your business can flourish. Creating a website and app is merely the first step; the real journey begins after you create your project. 

Generally, PHP requires less time and is efficient. If you outsource your project to an external partner, they cannot only reduce time, but your business will be their single priority. 

Conclusion: Web developers keep themselves aware of the latest PHP trends and can deliver outstanding results. Outsourcing should be considered when handling a business; we have shared several benefits of outsourcing to Indian companies. You can build a trusting relationship with an external outsourcing partner that can last for years to come. 

We, at Trigma, offer affordable and effective PHP development services. We have a team of consisting 200 software engineers who are experts in their field. With 12 years of experience, we have delivered hundreds of PHP projects to our clients. 

You can share your Contact details and we can reach out to you for further development. 

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