React Native vs. Ionic Platform – A Comparison Guide

React Native vs. Ionic Platform – A Comparison Guide

In this modern era, with the growth of businesses and organizations, the owners are opting to create Mobile Apps to expand their businesses. So in the race of providing the best quality of apps with less time consumption, different technologies, and platforms introduced in the market. Cross – platforms came into existence because of this competition and the growth of businesses.  

It is very important to choose the right platform based on the client’s requirements. React Native and Ionic both are Hybrid Mobile Apps platforms. Most of the time users feel both the platforms are the same but it is not right.

Here, are some points that help you to find out the difference between React Native and Ionic:


React Native follows Native behavior.  With the help of the Native UI component, React Native users gets a Native experience. While Ionic offers its own SDK libraries. There are many inbuilt components of Ionic which helps to make the development work easy & fast.  Nowadays, Ionic has a huge market and competing well with React Native. It is at the topmost position for the Hybrid Mobile App development preferences.


React Native is a stable Hybrid framework and considered as the best option for Large Scale Mobile Applications as it provides great performance and responsiveness features. While in the case of Ionic, it is a good option for Native Browser Apps. It completes modern needs and applicable for all Software archetypes. There comes a performance issue in case Native code is involved so to get access to Native Codes need to download plug-in.


React Native and Ionic both the cross platforms support Android and iOS devices. But in the case of Ionic, it also supports UWP i.e. UNIVERSAL WINDOW PLATFORM, which you can consider advantage of the Ionic framework.


There is a well-established community available to assist you in providing solutions, updates, and information helpful for the development of React Native and Ionic Apps respectively. Along with this, numerous plugins are available for React native and have other plugins to utilize PhoneGap / Cordova plugins. In the case of Ionic, PhoneGap (Cordova) plugins are used for obtaining Native features.


For Ionic, it is free and open-source, if you know Angular than it is easy to learn, compatible with android, iOS, Desktop, Windows, PWA, use Web View for Native experience. But to access the hardware functionality of the device one needs to use the Apache Cordova plugin.

For React Native, maximum code is reusable for Android, iOS, and Windows. Stable and provides high performance for large projects with platform-independent code. But it has a lack of custom codes, user needs to learn Native development first. Also, Facebook uses React Native Apps, the user needs to be aware and follow Licensing Rules.

In a very short time span, Ionic has a well-settled community that provides a good User experience mobile apps and getting a Native experience React Native is always a good option.

So, while choosing any of these two frameworks one needs to go through with their requirements, features, team size, time span, etc. facts to decide the BEST option.

Future Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Future Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

What is PEMF ?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT, or PEMF therapy), makes use of electromagnetic fields to heal non-union fractures as well as depression. It was in 2007, that the FDA had officially cleared a few such incitement gadgets.

Preceding the year 2000, in the PEMF research done in Western Europe, Japan and USA there was a lot of logical work was being done to demonstrate a logical proof for promising advantages from the utilization of PEMF for a wide scope of uses including tumors, vascular sickness, dermatology, lung illness, gastrointestinal infection, neurological illness, pediatrics, medical procedure, gynecology, oral medication, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, invulnerability and aggravation in view of more than 200 referred to logical papers including both human and creature considers. 

PEMF therapy was first used by Veterinarians in an attempt to recover broken legs in racehorses. 

How it works ?

PEMF uses healthy electromagnetic frequencies (which are harmless to humans), as opposed to cell phone frequencies, to enhance overall health and wellness. As we know our body cells are negatively charged on the cell walls and for nerve cells, that is approximately -60 mV; different cells might also additionally range withinside the internet terrible charge. To hold healthful tiers of this terrible charge, potassium and magnesium must be contained within the cells, at the same time as calcium and sodium preferably stay outdoors in the cells.

These are no major side effects of PEMF as these electromagnetic frequencies are harmless to humans, however few patients have shown mild adverse reactions to this therapy. In the first ten minutes of exposure, the oxygen content in the cells increases, which can further stimulate the exit of toxins. Due to this release of toxins, your body’s response to the session may be the experience of mild side effects including but not limited to: nausea, lethargy, headaches, fatigue and muscle aches.

Regarding the benefits of PEMF therapy, the human body responds to the PEMF differently, the results of the same may vary from person to person. 

What are the applications?

Since PEMF is very effective in recovering broken bones and tissues, its main applications are in wellness devices. This therapy also helps in increasing blood oxygen levels and circulation. With endured use, it provides stability in blood sugar, blood pressure, and managing cholesterol levels. In addition to the other benefits, these magnetic fields increase immune and body capabilities are significantly increased. NASA made use of these Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices to maintain the health of astronauts in the orbit.

The current focus of PEMF is on the following applications:

  1. Knee osteoarthritis
  2. Postoperative Pain
  3. Musculoskeletal Pain
  4. Depression

What is the Future of PEMF?

The future products (mostly under crowdfunding) are focusing on making PEMF part of our daily day-to-day life. The planned applications of PEMF in the near future are:

  1. Focus Management
  2. Sleep Management 
  3. Anti-Aging
  4. Inflammation & Pain Management
  5. Meditation 
  6. Cure of many illnesses 
  7. Help in Anxiety disorder
  8. Stroke Rehabilitation
  9. Therapy for Migraine and Headaches 
  10. Nerve regeneration or Neuroregeneration
  11. Arthritis & Osteo Recovery
  12. Detox Naturally
  13. Therapy for Fibromyalgia
Advantages and Cost of Food Delivery App

Advantages and Cost of Food Delivery App

Today we are going to discuss the most important service of our daily routine. i.e. Food Delivery. Most of the times when we want to have something special to eat or can not go outside. We quickly prefer to open the Food Delivery App, place the order from your favorite restaurant.

Companies like Trigma help the clients to develop such kind of FOOD DELIVERY APPS. Food delivery App helps to save customers time and efforts to go outside and take order to home. They just need to search for the preferred restaurant on the app and can place the required offer in a few minutes. 

To develop this application clients mostly prefer to use NATIVE PLATFORM and different apps for different user roles like:

  • Customer 
  • Restaurant 
  • Delivery Boy 
  • Admin

All these apps can be built using Native platform for Android and iOS or any hybrid platform like: 

  • IONIC etc

But most of the time users prefer to have a Native platform. But nowadays, Hybrid platforms are becoming a source of attraction to the users. If their project requirements match well with the Hybrid platform then we build the app using a hybrid framework. 

The time and cost to develop a food delivery system depends on the:

  • Choice of the platform, 
  • Number of apps, 
  • Features you want in it, 
  • Whether you want the app to be in single language or multilingual, whether the app includes LTR languages or RTL languages also, since the designs vary in both scenarios, 
  • Need to develop website also or mobile app only, 
  • Whether need to save the placed order histories or not, 
  • For delivery boy app who will take care of the routes etc. 

There are many other factors that help to evaluate the price for the development of a Food Delivery App. 

The initiate phases includes:

> Scope + features of the application

> User roles

> DB scheme

> Wireframes

To make sure we and the client are on the same page and then we proceed ahead.

App flow of all the user roles is different. Admin has the ability to give access to a particular user role. There is a vast range of technologies available for back end development, if the client has any preference then we can move with the technology otherwise we review the details and suggest the suitable technology stack to them. 

Our first priority is to provide the best services to our clients so if our suggestions can help to deliver better products we do not hesitate. Agile methodologies are used for the development of the project, Standard of code is provided after proper testing of each module is performed so that the end product should meet the requirements and will be beneficial for the client to make a business from the project. That’s why our clients love to work with us. 

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How AI is impacting the future of healthcare?

How AI is impacting the future of healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a vital role in different industries. Some of the popular organizations (like Facebook, Google, and YouTube, etc.) have opted for AI to enhance their business by understanding human nature/behavior.

For those who are not aware of this term AI (Artificial Intelligence). Let us give them a brief introduction:

Artificial Intelligence enables computer systems or machines to think/behave like humans. It helps human beings in many ways like identifying/remembering things, objects, photos, routes, provides suggestions for shortest or fastest routes, suggestions on Google Search, recommendations on the basis of the analysis of human daily routine and behavior, etc.“

The trained machine or systems helps to provide accurate results of complex problems, decision making and high level computations.

The major reason for successfully entering AI in the medical or healthcare field is the huge amount of medical data availability. All the Hospitals or medical industry have records of their patients’ history in accounts. Artificial Intelligence is based on Deep Learning and Machine learning so the availability of data helps to train machines in an easy manner.  

Another reason for healthcare integration with AI is the introduction of complex algorithms. We all know that data records of medicine are very huge, complex, high dimensional in characters. With the help of Deep learning and neural networks, it becomes easy to handle this vast data.

Some major features of how AI is impacting Healthcare:

–          Call Deflection

–          Service Acceleration

–          Agent Assistance

–          Revenue generation

There are different trained machines integrated with equipment like watches which monitor the health of users by collecting the data like heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, activity level, and sleep cycle, etc.

Because of AI features, it is adapted in the Healthcare industry. Below we are sharing some of the large scale areas in which AI is impacting the future of healthcare:

o Radiology

o Patient Risk Identification

o Drug Discovery

o Primary Care

Highlights of how AI impacting these areas:

o Radiology: There are various AI solutions available for image analysis and diagnosis which helps to enter the Radiology field. These AI solutions scan the radiologist, MRIs, CT scans which reduce human errors.

o Patient Risk Identification: As mentioned previously, patients’ history available on Healthcare records. By analyzing this data we can detect Patient Risk Identification. Real-time support is provided by Artificial Intelligence. AI also takes care of records like how frequently a patient is admitted to the hospital, his/her recovery rate and predicts patient probability to admit again. All these things help to improve the healthcare industry.

o Drug Discovery: From the existing Database, Artificial Intelligence makes the analysis of medicines. How impactful medicines are to recover patients’ health, which medicines are quick to improve diseases and have results which have less negative effects. Nowadays, as viruses are affecting human health, AI is playing an important role in DRUG DISCOVERY.

o Primary Care:  Many healthcare organizations provide direct assistance to patients via chat or video call. Proper guidance is provided to the patients and takes care of their security and Safety.

There are many other challenging facts on which AI is working to meet the best results like Quality of database, patients’ privacy, and ethics. However, AI solutions are playing a vital role in this game-changer process and help the users to deliver satisfactory and quality results.

Laravel Web Development- Pros & Cons

Laravel Web Development- Pros & Cons

Laravel is a PHP based framework to build high-level web applications. It eases the common tasks in many web projects, for example, routing, sessions, caching, etc. It is best to use in developing secure, scalable applications.

Just like any other technology, it has various pros and cons. Have a look at the features of the platform in detail:


  • Complete customizable: It provides various aspects to be customized to fulfill the business needs, one of the aspects can be the implementation of two-factor authentication. This also provides third-party integration.
  • Secure authentication and authorization: It is just like the secured phase as that of other frameworks. Encryption, Encoding, Hashing, and Obfuscation play a major role in it.

For bit more clarity these three can be defined as :

It is for the data usability maintenance and this can also be reversed by using the same algorithm that has encoded the content,i.e. Without any key usability.A secret key is used for maintaining data confidentiality in return to plain text.It is validation for content integration, this all is done by detecting modifications as per the changes to the Hash output.It will create source or machine code, it is similar to encryption but as machine dependent will be an ease to execute the code.
  • Integration with mail service: As in modern web applications it is difficult to notify users for every single event, but this framework provides the best way to notify users email for every single event .
  • Fixing the most common technical vulnerabilities: On the basis of the below report it is proved that for time and cost vulnerabilities vary. Laravel helps to get rid of the SQL injection, cross-site request forgery being itself secured and due to codebase guarded.
  • URL Routing configuration: Framework automatically loads the routes being already defined in php file.
  • Separation of “Business login code” from “Presentation code”: Via separation web page appearance can be changed, so Laravel provides the predefined framework called as MVC by which separation is already done.

With every advantage , disadvantages are necessary for further iterative enhancements


  • The Composer is not strong enough: If compared with Ruby gems, npm, pip(for python), Laravel composer is not strong enough.
  • Lack of continuation between versions: After Laravel-4 no transition has been made to version-5, this was a lack of continuing the next iteration or stream of versions for a better experience.
  • Some upgrades might be problematic: When a version gets upgraded various trouble users face, such problems occur in the PHP framework as well. Users need to take precautions before upgrading it.
  • Development: Laravel’s development is a bit slower as compared to other frameworks.

Pros and Cons of Laravel Framework in a nutshell:

Pros   Cons
Makes use of the newest features of PHPDoes not support payments feature
Has built-in tool for command-line called ArtisanLack of continuation between versions
Packages and resource availabilitySome upgrades might be problematic
Reverse RoutingOften fails to provide mobile app richness
Reduced product development cycleQuality is mixed at times
Provides method for generating new objects without bootstrap to any external librariesThis framework is easy to learn, but difficult to master
Provides Activerecord implementation to work with databases. Being a small framework it has limited built-in support features.
React JS V/s React Native – What is the Difference?

React JS V/s React Native – What is the Difference?

Both Reactjs and React Native are essential for app and web development, and due to their functionalities, they are evolving around the globe in technology. 

While Reactjs is a JavaScript library and React Native is the whole framework, the former is the part of the latter, and both compliments each other.

If Reactjs is optimal for creating apps with high functionality and complex calculations, then React Native is ideal to give a native feeling to your mobile apps.

Every technology or framework has some shortcomings, and so does Reactjs and React Native have. 

  • Reactjs can be described as a base derivative of React DOM, for the web platform while React Native is a base derivative in itself, which means that the syntax and workflow remain the same, but components alter.
  • Reactjs, eventually, is a JavaScript library, which allows the programmer to create an appealing and high performing UI Layer while React Native is an entire framework for developing cross-platform apps, be it web, iOS or Android. 
  • In Reactjs, virtual DOM is used to render browser code in Reactjs while in React Native, native APIs are used to render components in mobile.
  • The apps developed using  Reactjs renders HTML in UI while React Native uses JSX for rendering UI, which is nothing but javascript. 
  • CSS is used for creating styling in Reactjs while a stylesheet is used for styling in React Native.
  • In Reactjs, the animation is a thing, using CSS, just like web development while in React Native, an animated API is used for producing animation across different elements of the React Native application.
  • If the need is to build a high performing, dynamic, and responsive UI for web interfaces, then Reactjs is the best option while if the need is to give mobile apps a truly native feeling, then React Native is the best choice.