MONH is a platform and marketplace that helps in getting/ requesting bulk orders with wholesale prices, delivered within a scheduled time. MONH serves restaurants, food trucks, Hotels, companies, and home businesses for bulk ordering of foods, beverages, cleaning, packing materials, and other daily
use supplies.

MONH is the first order combining App in the KSA market place as a cutting edge solution that will respond to the fast and dynamic bulk ordering.

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Problem Analysis is imperative for project planning and it directly influences the project goal, & general objectives. At Trigma,we prioritize the current challenges that require to develop and then a clear and short description of the issues is addressed by a problem-solving team.


We have a team of IT professionals to work on understanding and recognizing workable solutions to the problems. We offer a work package to deliver the complete product keeping the following variables in mind: Time, budget, resources, skills, technology.


Results are the outputs contributing to the success of the project goal. We have a track of delivering solutions at par with the client’s expectations and for enterprise clients, we delivered large-scale IT projects. We undertake all types of projects acutely.

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