Chorus Call provides excellent Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, Video & Audio Media Streaming, Webcasting, and Collaboration Tools (including iPresent and C-Meeting).

A/B testing had been performed by us to target the resources for maximum impact and efficiency, increase the ROI based on short-term conversions or long-term customer loyalty and make Low-risk Modifications.

How we performed A/B testing :

– Understanding user behaviour to determine what we should test first: Devised a report on visitors’ behaviour when they land on the site and it helped to decide the areas that need A/B testing first.
– Specify the “A” version: Created variation and set up the A/B test with one section receiving the variation and the other the original. It is called a ‘Controller’ and ‘Challenger’.
– Measuring the Performance: After Splitting sample groups equally, the performance of both variations was measured. Testing for the set run for 1-2 weeks and we got our best performing variation.

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Problem Analysis is imperative for project planning and it directly influences the project goal, & general objectives. At Trigma,we prioritize the current challenges that require to develop and then a clear and short description of the issues is addressed by a problem-solving team.


We have a team of IT professionals to work on understanding and recognizing workable solutions to the problems. We offer a work package to deliver the complete product keeping the following variables in mind: Time, budget, resources, skills, technology.


Results are the outputs contributing to the success of the project goal. We have a track of delivering solutions at par with the client’s expectations and for enterprise clients, we delivered large-scale IT projects. We undertake all types of projects acutely.

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