IT has become an integral cog in the mechanics of any business today. It doesn’t matter what size of organization you are running; each requires functional and straightforward software that streamlines processes and makes daily operations better, along with being able to attract customers and serve all users. Nonetheless, small businesses usually have more unique needs and challenges in terms of technology and potential opportunities. Moreover, for many small or even medium-sized companies, traditional software development can seem quite costly and time-consuming as it requires the assistance of expensive and experienced experts that aren’t always available internally in a company. For such reasons, building a website of their own can be daunting. 

Thankfully, an intelligent solution is within your reach: low-code/no-code development. Whether thinking of building a mobile app or opening a small shop, you can employ a low-code/no-code web developer to launch and eventually scale your business online. You can use low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms to do everything from website design, accounting, marketing, customer engagement, project management, and creating APIs. Suppose you’re in the initial phase of business. In that case, the low-code/no-code platform (LCNC) is particularly beneficial for you as it is customizable, open source, and versatile, enabling entrepreneurs to feel free during the architectural process. You don’t have to change programs when you start over; you can keep growing and going while saving engineering hours and reducing their time to value.

Let’s look into the definition of Low-code Development Platforms and No-code Development Platforms before we talk about why you should go for them as a small business owner.

Low-code Development Platforms

A low code development platform refers to application development that allows you to create business and mobile applications with minimum to no coding skills. Instead of employing extensive lines of code, you can use a graphical UI with minimal logic with drag and drop capabilities.

No-code Development Platforms

No-code development platforms let you make the application without having to write even a single line of code. Like low-code development platforms, the same execution that anyone with no coding skills could develop the applications without any issues. No-code platforms utilize graphical user interfaces rather than traditional programming languages for configurations and development.

“Just because you can build something doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Maybe you should reuse something that somebody already built or take something somebody already built and customize it a little bit to meet your needs.”

– “How To Choose a Low Code Platform: 3 Tips”

Benefits of employing LCNC platforms

With the growing competition and technological advancement, there will always be a universal demand for innovative and uncomplicated software. Companies have been compelled to redesign and rethink their day-to-day business functions. Therefore, every organization aims to bring changes and improvements at a reasonable cost using the correct technology. Intelligent technologies like Low-Code, No-Code Development can lead to these sought-after improvements. Here are some overall benefits of employing this technology.

1. Upgraded Marketing Efforts
In the case of every small business, brand awareness is low, and competition is high. Due to such reasons, small business owners look for cost-effective growth strategies but find them the most challenging. But the trends are changing now, and the data confirms that customer engagement is changing. Surveys indicate that 85% of online users prefer apps over mobile sites as they’re easier to browse, faster, and more convenient. Addressing these changing preferences, mobile app development can help small businesses to engage and target customers.

2. Experience Ease in Time to Value
The Cost of undertaking traditional website and app development is naturally quite burdensome and expensive. However, LCNC lets businesses get an opportunity to build apps on their own without having to hire expensive programmers. These platforms can be an incredible time saver. A recent survey published by Statista reported that low-code development was 40-60% faster than traditional development for 29% of global respondents.

3. Tailored Customer Experience
Apps offer customized content and communication they desire as they allow personalized experiences. CNC platforms let businesses provide their customers the ability to get recommendations and set preferences that can help boost the chance of conversions and improve their experience. In addition, you can target consumers with tailored notifications, a simple and easy way to keep them up-to-date with product offerings and deals.

4. Better Productivity
Applications can be developed quickly on Low-code No-code platforms as you don’t have to write unending lines of long codes on them. In addition, LCNC platforms are secured with several capabilities that automate most development processes which could help you develop applications within days or maybe in a few hours.

5. Lesser Cost of Development
Since LCNC platforms enable businesses to launch applications rapidly and in more amounts, it helps them cut costs that used to be spent on hiring multiple developers and employing various tools for development.

6. Business Skill
LCNC platforms allow you to develop intelligent applications which can function smoothly on various platforms and devices. The users could access the data and use it efficiently wherever they desire without interruptions or unfitted slack.

7. Perfect Control
Web regulations alter frequently. Observing and complying with the same has become necessary for most companies to stay at the top of their game. The low-code platforms could assist companies trying to meet these regulations and follow them seamlessly in their development.

8. Independent Innovation
With the inception of LCNC Platforms, businesses don’t need to approach contract vendors or developers to create applications. Instead, they enable you to avoid expensive planning and increase productivity by giving teams close to the business the option to be hands-on and actively involved. These LCNC solutions have a wide range of prebuilt templates for specific purposes that can be used easily by people typing to expand on and deploy apps in a short amount of time. In addition, these platforms’ sheer adaptability and flexibility have made expensive development problems cheaper and more streamlined. This has helped businesses innovate in a way that wasn’t possible before.

9. Simple Integration With Apps and Systems
Low-code/no-code platforms are usually designed to support a massive set of integrations to help you take advantage of the technologies of different systems. Many platforms are structured beforehand to communicate with existing services, enabling you to keep your business processes intact instead of having to move them to a new platform fully. For instance, if you have built a scheduling app using LCNC solutions, you can easily connect it to Google Calendars or Microsoft Outlook. In addition, you can employ unique integrations that connect your app directly to supported third-party solutions. Such convenience gives you more control over your apps and the development process. It terminates the need to hire expensive developers or professional services to keep your systems updated.

10. Better Employee Engagement
Department executives can use their subordinates to bring ideas and innovation to the business. Thanks to LCNC platforms, small businesses no longer have to try and find talented developers or wait for their employees to acquire newer, more technical skills to reap their benefits.

Every good business person knows that when it comes to most projects, let alone app-based projects, your in-house teams understand your needs and requirements better than any outside consultant. So, it’s better to nudge them into taking up basic tools and training they could easily use to deploy apps. In addition, empowering your personnel to do their jobs independently will lead to more creativity and improved services.

Top 3 Low Code No Code Platforms

The popular low code along with no code platforms available in the market for small and medium-sized businesses are-

#1. Zoho Creator
One of the most reliable low-code solutions that assist you to develop applications, extending them, or combining their functionality. Regardless of the coding expertise you possess or the degree of complexity your coding needs, Zoho constructs your software quickly and safely.

Unique Features:
-More application creation with less effort
-Data integration with your business and collaboration across teams
-Insightful reports
-Instant access to mobile apps
-Premium security

#2. Quickbase
Quickbase can improve business operations by allowing result-driven and high-end applications that can link details, ideas, and people everywhere. This low-code, the no-code platform can assist you while you connect your business and IT teams with developers. It can allow them to innovate and develop the application safely and securely that could sustain seamlessly.

Unique Features:
-3PL Management
-Activity Dashboard
-Agile Procedures
-Access Management/Approvals
-Computation Integration
-Activity Tracking

#3. Retool No-Code Platform
Retool can help you develop applications quickly and save you from frustrating trifles with user interface libraries, data integration sources, and revealing access controls. This platform enables businesses to perform with more substantial building blocks like charts, lists, maps, wizards, tables, and forms.

Unique Features:
-Open cloud & self-hosted alternatives
-Hundreds of popular data sources are integrated
-Fast front-ends with 50+ drag-and-drop features
-Register JavaScript anywhere for full customization
-Application security with access controls and audit logs along with SAML SSO
-Link to anything with a REST or GraphQL API


Low-Code No-code platforms can assist enterprises in going beyond coding skills gaps and improving development team communication. It also enables end users to obtain more significant business outcomes in a shorter period. They can boost the efficiency of fully secure and massive integrated cloud-ready applications. If you’re a small businessman, you shouldn’t think twice about being an early adopter of this technology.

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