The software development sphere has gone beyond traditional engineering and design. Even though it was only some years ago, a small proportion of IT practitioners started to engage in Quality Assurance practices. Back in the day, it was certainly not common for developers to ask for a QA team or Quality control. Since these experts are undervalued in most companies, Quality Assurance remains less common even today. Business leaders who define QA teams as a group that “just tests software” fail to understand the responsibility and benefits of Quality Assurance practice. An erroneous development project can jeopardize the matters for successful business outcomes by affecting your brand’s reliability and, eventually, your income.

An intelligent approach to these operations would not consider Development and Quality Assurance separate workforces. Instead, it is wiser for you to coordinate them throughout different stages. For example, with a Quality Assurance team shielding your team of developers, a project’s quality, accuracy, and completeness can be drawn out before it is distributed. They can detect defects at early stages, save developers time and money and keep the process smooth.

“The job of a tester is to prove that the software is bug-free, while it has to be the other way around: The job of a tester is to prove that the software is broken. The better testers are doing their jobs, the more bugs they manage to find and report.”

-Yegor Bugayenko
Code Ahead: Volume 1

What Does the Process of Quality Assurance Entail?

Quality Assurance is a process of maintaining and articulating standards for developing your software. In addition, the QA team members ensure that the products customers receive continuously meet expectations, helping retain your brand’s reputation. As you work with Quality Assurance teams, you continue to create and improve the standardized metrics, designs, and practices and will surely see improvement in your results. Your company’s Quality Assurance team plays a significant role in a project’s development cycle.

QA testing teams can provide a common platform and help you ensure that every milestone in the process is reached according to the plan. Along with their primary duties, they also communicate with different project stakeholders like your project managers, developers, business analysts, database administrators, and clients.

A typical QA testing team takes over the following duties:

-Running simulations
-Inspecting the code
-Inspecting the design
-Exposing inconsistencies
-Removing errors and redundancies
-Creating tests
-Testing your software in a real-life environment
-Re-running the test for confirmation
-Ensuring project survival and longevity

These processes help you understand the software’s quality and define methods they should use to ensure this quality.


Benefits a Skilled QA Team Can Bring Your Way

An easy measure of user-friendliness:

The only reason behind testing a project is not just fixing bugs. Quality Assurance teams ensure that all the features on your software are working splendidly. In addition, they carry out testing from the end user’s perspective to dictate how user-friendly the final version is.

Time and money saving:

It would be best to avoid the chaos of discovering bugs in your product before it’s too late in the development process. The late-stage functionality issues will likely cause hurried fixes, delays, clog developers’ schedules, and eat away the resources you probably planned for other activities. After appointing a QA testing team, you don’t have to stress too much about issues in your software not being timely fixed or going back and forth in the development process to fix them. It is so because they work cooperatively with your developers throughout the project life cycle rather than just after the implementation stage.

Their Organized testing processes and clear testing strategies will allow you to allocate your time and money more strategically and catch the bugs in your software before they cost you more work hours than you have available.

Project security:

Your software program even performs all its functions as planned, but it may still be a possibility that it is not entirely secure. A Quality Assurance team can make timely detections of security vulnerabilities while you construct it and add new features. If there is any weakness in your software’s defenses, the user’s and your company’s data could be compromised. One of the reasons you need a QA team in software development is to ensure that your products are built keeping security in mind and tested to ensure that the safeguards in it work.

Quality and stability:

Any inconsistency in your projects should be curbed before the final version is ready for delivery. QA testing teams make your development journey smooth by implementing universal automation tools over value chains to streamline the execution of tests. Not only that, they search for improvement possibilities and perform exploratory testing as well.

Better control of the impact of minor changes:

It is already well-known that any minor discrepancies in the development process can substantially impact the overall projects and their performance. All QA testing teams understand this and test your software to the smallest detail. This outlook allows them to discover how the final form will function once deployed.

Prevent catastrophic corporate emergencies:

The operational and financial stakes are pretty high in corporate software. For example, bugs in your corporate software can lead to system blackouts, communication breakdowns, and data loss. Therefore, it is indispensable that you handle your sensitive information and release properly analyzed software in the market that will work exactly as needed. It is so because there is no margin for error in most fields of work.

Meets your customer’s demands and expectations better:

The user experience of your products can make or break your brand despite being a B2-B or B2C application. In the case of corporate software, you should go for solutions that solve your business inefficiencies and accelerate your processes. Glitchy, unproductive, and slow software will make it difficult to bring value to your service. Quality Assurance helps ensure that your application closes all functionality gaps and satisfies your consumers as expected.

Protects your reputation:

The quality of the software you deliver reflects your brand and company. By releasing a product that offers high quality and excellent features with all-inclusive security, you can eventually build a strong customer reputation for your business. The contribution of QA in software development plays its role here by testing your product and ensuring it is suitable for your business.

Beat the competition in the long run:

In the long run, your services’ stability, quality, and sustainability will convert clients into returning and loyal customers. In addition, providing well-tested and high-quality products makes achieving mutually beneficial and long-term business relationships much more accessible. The same can be leveraged in B2B dealings as well. By prioritizing quality, you can increase your customer base and profits.


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Some Things Your QA Teams Should Keep In Mind

Complete and comprehensive testing is a mammoth task as apps and users interact in numerous ways. It can be a lengthy and analytical task to test them all.
-Aspects like different mixes of runtime environments- smartphones, OS versions, and browsers, human factors like lack of focus and fatigue, and frequently updating features can affect the choice of your priority aspects while testing at different moments.
-The cost of addressing and fixing bugs in the early development stages (writing and approving requirements) is far less than the testing phase itself.
-The quality of testing depends on conditions like time limits and budget.


Behind each high-quality and successful product, a team of professionals works on improving and maintaining its quality standard and guards against discrepancies and bugs, helping you stop them from reaching your users’ experience.

Hiring Quality Assurance specialists can be a brilliant investment as they let you save your money, your reputation, and your nerves to emulate user loyalty eventually. Not just that, you can surely expect to catapult your developing team’s motivation by assigning a supportive QA professional as well.

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