The Internet of Things is a highly applicable technology stack that revolutes the world which helps all startup and enterprise businesses. In today’s world, every business owner desires to utilize the latest technology stacks to populate his business in the market. Internet of things helps to connect software applications with hardware devices, this helps every company or business demand to add more ROI value with the best possible financial outcomes. According to the technology stack comparison report that was generated from top researchers across the globe in 2020. There are a lot of organizations that are potentially stronger to utilize the IoT, AI, ML, Big data to build mobility, robotics-based SAAS platform software applications.

IoT or Internet of Things is the topmost priority to develop all kinds of a large and complex system that include three main components-

1. Infrastructure -This includes a complete facility to run or execute a software program according to the enterprise or corporate level of hardware and database server

2. Smart gadgets – This is the core part to connect with sensors, applications, and networks. These gadgets are highly essential to transmit the data from one device to another or execute the process.

3. IoT applications – These are user-friendly to connect with devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers.

“Trigma” is one of the leading IT solutions that can process the technological pattern through real-time applications for their customers. Besides that, customers also prefer to build a complete robust/scalable form of solution to promote their business include quality assurance in the form of an MVP model to upgrade or add-on with new phases/modules with some innovative planning and brainstorming ideas for their business. This is the core reason for “Trigma” to utilize IoT-based technology analysts or technical experts’ specialization to connect their online business solution through web or mobility-based platforms.