Autohitch is a Used Car Buying Service for consumers that can assist in the locating, price discussion, and possession of a Used Vehicle. They will assist you from simply helping locate a vehicle, all the way to delivering the vehicle and paperwork to the house for final delivery.

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Problem Analysis is imperative for project planning and it directly influences the project goal, & general objectives. At Trigma,we prioritize the current challenges that require to develop and then a clear and short description of the issues is addressed by a problem-solving team.


We have a team of IT professionals to work on understanding and recognizing workable solutions to the problems. We offer a work package to deliver the complete product keeping the following variables in mind: Time, budget, resources, skills, technology.


Results are the outputs contributing to the success of the project goal. We have a track of delivering solutions at par with the client’s expectations and for enterprise clients, we delivered large-scale IT projects. We undertake all types of projects acutely.

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