Company culture defines the environment of the company where employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements such as the vision, mission, values, ethics, expectations, goals, and the working environment of the workplace.

Different companies have different work cultures. Some may have traditional and formal work cultures, some may include their employees in decision making or some may have a casual workplace with minimum rules and regulations.

Company culture plays a very important role. It matters a lot for several reasons.

1.     Most of the time of employees is spent in their workplace due to which it is important to have a positive and uplifting work culture so that the employees feel like spending their time happily in the organization.

2.     Employees tend to enjoy working in the organization when their needs and values are consistent with the workplace.

3.     When employees feel good in their work and enjoy their work, ultimately it helps in increasing their productivity in the organization.

4.     The more the employees enjoy their work the longer they tend to stay at the workplace.

Employees are motivated to work depending on the culture of the work. There are certain factors that help to motivate the employees. The first and foremost thing which motivates the employees is the work culture. If an employee finds it to be boring he can not stay motivated in the workplace.

The needs of the employee are somehow aligned with the goals of the organization so he/she can work wholeheartedly for the organization.

Everyone likes to feel important in the organization. If the employees feel a sense of importance in the workplace they automatically feel motivated in the workplace.

Open communication is another reason in the organization which helps in keeping the employees motivated in the workplace.

Transparency in the organization makes employees feel secure therefore they feel good in such a workplace and do not change their organization.

These are the few reasons which help in motivating the employees in an organization.

Lower absenteeism, improved retention, increased profitability proves that company culture motivates employees.