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We believe in providing the simplest solution for the most complex problem and follow the approach of expanding possibilities of better tomorrow.

Piyush Sood

Chief Operating Officer

The brilliance of on-time delivery every time comes from adopting technology internally as much as advocating it for our customers.

Always Inventing, Always Delivering

Through happy minds, having triggering imagination, Trigma is continually creating value for its customers, profit for its stakeholders and happiness for the society as a whole. We are determined to keep pushing the benchmark of quality for our competitors. Our company continues to attract the best talent and continues to nurture every team member’s relationship with our brand.

As a community of passionate technology enthusiasts, our purpose is to revolutionize software design, creation and delivery and to think disruptively to help our clients succeed.

At Trigma, we have the smartest people to fuel innovation. Operate at the heart of today’s technology convergence. We believe only cross-domain thinking can unlock true discovery. As a global alliance of specialists, we connect the exceptional people with the brightest businesses to face the hurdles they need to thrive.

By working alongside our clients at every stage of the value chain, we can understand their challenges first hand. With our knowledge and their unique perspective, we’re able to deliver the most innovative and effective solutions that improve performance and achieve operational perfection.

Know our logo

I am Human

Before being your technology partner, before being a progressive business team, before being anything... First of all we are Human!
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I am Happy

We just believe that we have to be the happiest team around and we will automatically be the best team around.
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I have a Triggering Imagination

With the freedom to learn, to express, to experiment and to create... I work with a triggering imagination and that is quiet contagious.
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I am Red

The color red for us signifies relentless perseverance, passion for our goals, and fearlessness in our approach.
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That's me

Triggering Imagination

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