In every workplace, there are different types of people. Every team comprises different people. Some are the ones who always keep on motivating others and some are those who are negative towards everyone.

You can either hire people carefully but if such toxic people have been hired once it can become difficult to get rid of such people. Such people are called toxic not because of the harm they create to their own selves but also because they spread such behavior to other people in the workplace.

It is because of a few toxic people the entire team suffers. It is not that the behavior of people is something against which legal action can be taken but it is only the behavior that disturbs the environment of the company.

Due to this reason, an employee may not be fired so there are few things that can be done to manage a toxic employee.

1. Dig Deeper

The first thing which can be done is to try to analyze the behavior of those people and what must be causing it. If we can find the reason why such behavior takes place we can offer help to those employees. Counseling sessions can be provided to them.

2. Direct Feedback can be provided

Sometimes people don’t realize what kind of behavior do they have and how destructive it can be. Therefore, it becomes important to give honest feedback to such employees so that they come to know that what kind of behavior do they have.

After sharing the feedback with them we can also share the improvement plan with the employees. Clearly defined goals can be discussed with the employee and how they can go by and improve.

3. Explain the Consequences

If the employees are not ready to listen and change by being good to them then another approach can opt for that is by making them realize that on what all will they miss out if they do not behave in an appropriate way. Maybe getting some rewards may help in bringing a change.

4. Document everything

Some people just don’t want to change at any cost so for such people it is important to document all their offenses or any response offered to date so that if they are fired from the company they know that why are they being let go from the company.

These are a few things that can be done to deal with toxic people.