Today we are going to discuss the most important service of our daily routine. i.e. Food Delivery. Most of the time when we want to have something special to eat or can not go outside. We quickly prefer to open the Food Delivery App and place the order from your favorite restaurant.

Companies like Trigma help the clients to develop such kind of FOOD DELIVERY APPS. Food delivery App helps to save customers time and effort to go outside and take order home. They just need to search for the preferred restaurant on the app and can place the required offer in a few minutes. 

To develop this application clients mostly prefer to use NATIVE PLATFORM and different apps for different user roles:

  • Customer 
  • Restaurant 
  • Delivery Boy 
  • Admin

All these apps can be built using a Native platform for Android and iOS or any hybrid platform like: 

But most of the time users prefer to have a Native platform. But nowadays, Hybrid platforms are becoming a source of attraction to the users. If their project requirements match well with the Hybrid platform then we build the app using a hybrid framework. 

The time and cost to develop a food delivery system depends on the:

  • Choice of the platform, 
  • Number of apps, 
  • Features you want in it, 
  • Whether you want the app to be in a single language or multilingual, whether the app includes LTR languages or RTL languages since the designs vary in both scenarios, 
  • Need to develop website also or mobile app only, 
  • Whether need to save the placed order histories or not, 
  • For the delivery boy app who will take care of the routes etc.

There are many other factors that help to evaluate the price for the development of a Food Delivery App. 

The initiate phases include:

> Scope + features of the application

> User roles

> DB scheme

> Wireframes

To make sure we and the client are on the same page and then we proceed ahead.

The app flow of all the user roles is different. Admin has the ability to give access to a particular user role. There is a vast range of technologies available for back-end development, if the client has any preference then we can move with the technology otherwise we review the details and suggest a suitable technology stack to them. 

Our first priority is to provide the best services to our clients so if our suggestions can help to deliver better products we do not hesitate. Agile methodologies are used for the development of the project, Standard of code is provided after proper testing of each module is performed so that the end product meets the requirements and will be beneficial for the client to make a business from the project. That’s why our clients love to work with us. 

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