A Brief on What ‘Technology Stack’ Means

To define it simply, a technology stack is a combination of programming languages, software products, and technologies.

Why should tech-stack mean to as an entrepreneur? Well, there have been many significant changes in recent years, earlier there were only JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Some of the databases, frameworks have become so popular that developers use them for every project.

MEAN and MERN is both technology stacks and they are both ‘adored’.

Before we tell you the difference between both MEAN and MERN, here is a brief on who are full-stack developers? A developer who can work on a full spectrum of mobile and web applications is considered a ‘full-stack developer’.

Benefits of Full-Stack

  • Cost-saving: Hiring a front-end developer and a separate back-end developer can raise the cost. A full-stack development company works on both sides and the budget does not increase.

  • Can be Switched Easily: Full-stack developers get the power to switch based on their project needs, they can switch easily between the front-end and back-end.

  • Design and Implementation: A full-stack development company can easily handle the ownership of complete design and implementation as well.

  • Can be Upgraded Effortlessly: Full-stack developers are better at upgrading technologies than front-end and back-end developers.


MEAN is an abbreviation and it stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. This is a highly popular stack and it’s a full-stack. Programmers use this stack to develop mobile and web apps. One of the most significant advantages of MEAN is that the whole code is in JavaScript and it is open-source. It comes with useful tools, resources, and plug-ins that reduce development time, and a product gets delivered faster.

Advantages of MEAN Stack

  • It helps the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, making the development process easier and faster.
  • MEAN extends the development cycle from the front-end developers to the back-development.
  • With MEAN unnecessary grunts are ignored, overalls help in keeping web development organized.
  • Mongo dB, Express, Angular, NodeJS- all are popular technologies.
  • MEAN is open-source and is backed up with quality community support.


MERN is also an abbreviation and it stands for MongoDB-Express.js-React-Node.js.

This is also an open-source technology stack and can be categorized as full-stack

MERN is an updated version of the MEAN stack, it offers a merger of technologies for developing web applications. Just like MEAN, MERN is also a collection of JavaScript-based frameworks, databases, and environments.

Advantages of MERN Stack

  • With the use of JavaScript, developers can fulfill the essentials of front-end development to back-end development.
  • MVC can make the development entire process smooth.
  • MongoDB, Express, React, Nodejs all these technologies are in popular demand.
  • It is open-source so already-built tools help in quick development.


Modern technology stacks have made the development process easier than earlier. With so many technologies option you may find it confusing to choose one and to invest your money.

Now after reading this blog, you might have a better understanding of the MEAN and MERN stack. Both have differences as well. MEAN stack better offers more productivity and MERN stack is great for mobile app development.

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