AngularJS is a robust framework that offers numerous advantages for web app development, making it a preferred choice for developers and businesses alike. Here are some compelling reasons to choose AngularJS:

MVC Architecture

AngularJS is built on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which separates the application into distinct components. This separation enhances code organisation and maintainability, making it easier for developers to build robust and scalable applications.

Two-Way Data Binding

AngularJS provides two-way data binding, allowing seamless synchronisation between the view and model. Any changes made in the model are immediately reflected in the view and vice versa. This feature simplifies development and reduces the boilerplate code needed for data manipulation.


AngularJS encourages modularity through the use of reusable components called directives. You can use angular to create these directives to encapsulate functionality and easily reuse them across the application, saving development time and effort.

Dependency Injection

AngularJS simplifies the management of dependencies by providing a built-in dependency injection system. This feature makes testing and maintaining code easier, ensuring that the development process remains efficient and error-free.

Large Community and Ecosystem

AngularJS boasts a large and active community of developers. This means that by using angular development services, you can access a wealth of resources, libraries, and third-party extensions, speeding up development and troubleshooting processes.

Cross-Browser Compatibility​

AngularJS handles cross-browser compatibility issues, ensuring that web applications work consistently across different browsers. This eliminates the need for development companies to write browser-specific code, saving time and reducing compatibility-related bugs.

Enhanced Testing

AngularJS is designed with testability in mind. It has robust testing tools and supports behavior-driven development (BDD) and unit testing. This makes it easier for users to ensure the reliability and quality of their applications.

Responsive Design

AngularJS is well-suited for building responsive web applications. It supports responsive design principles and integrates seamlessly with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, enabling development companies to create mobile-friendly applications effortlessly.

Five Industry Use Cases of AngularJS



AngularJS is widely used in e-commerce to create responsive and interactive online shopping platforms. Its two-way data binding and modular architecture allow for real-time updates of product catalogues, shopping carts, and user profiles, enhancing the overall user experience.



AngularJS is applied to build robust and user-friendly healthcare management systems in the healthcare sector. It facilitates the development of dynamic dashboards for patient records, appointment scheduling, and telemedicine applications, ensuring efficient healthcare service delivery.



AngularJS is crucial in financial applications, including banking and investment platforms. It enables the creation of secure, data-driven financial dashboards, portfolio management tools, and online banking interfaces. The framework’s scalability and performance are essential for handling large volumes of financial data.



Educational institutions utilise AngularJS to develop e-learning platforms and student management systems. Its dynamic nature allows for creating engaging and interactive educational content, while its modularity simplifies the integration of third-party plugins and resources.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Travel agencies and companies leverage AngularJS to build responsive websites and mobile apps. This facilitates online booking, itinerary planning, and real-time travel updates. The framework’s ability to handle complex user interfaces and data interactions is valuable in this industry.


These are just a few examples of how AngularJS is applied across different industries. Its flexibility, robustness, and support for creating dynamic web applications make it versatile for custom solutions tailored to specific industry needs. In conclusion, AngularJS offers a robust framework for custom web app development companies. Its MVC architecture, two-way data binding, modularity, and other features make it an excellent choice for building dynamic and maintainable web applications. Additionally, the support of a thriving community and a rich ecosystem further solidify AngularJS as a top choice for web app development.

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Trigma Solutions developed a website for a content outsourcing company. The team built the project management site from scratch, providing both front- and backend development. Trigma Solutions provides project management tools to ensure a smooth workflow. The team is reliable, attentive, and knowledgeable.

CEO, Agabin Interactive (Manila, Philippines)

They are cooperative, hardworking, and really imaginative.

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They have managed everything properly.

Trigma Solutions executed a successful project that’s seen high levels of user engagement. While there were some obstacles related to COVID-19, the team managed the workflow well. They’ve secured future work with the client for further app development.

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Their sheer level of skill and ‘can do‘ attitude stood out to me.

The productive discussions we’ve had with Trigma Solutions have made our specs better and ultimately improved the software. Great Team and Value for money work done


These guys are problem solver and they are pretty fast at it

The team we worked with at Trigma was so calm in dealing with the integration hurdles they faced while connecting to our master distribution system that we nicknamed them the .. ‘Problem solver’


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