In this article, we will discuss what (SPA) is, the benefits of Single Page Applications, how it works, how it will be beneficial to users and businesses, technologies that can be used in SPA?

In this era, we are getting very attached to new gadgets and technology. Unintentionally we became fond of this. We want everything as easy as possible. To enhance the comfort in surfing websites and applications, Single Page Application (SPA) was introduced.

A single-page application is a kind of web application that runs as a single webpage. In such applications, all the data is downloaded at the time of opening the website. All kinds of logic are executed in the browser itself rather than on the servers. Whenever we click somewhere it dynamically updates the page instead of reloading it and that reduces the Bandwidth. 

Usage of SPA

Sometimes people get offended by the reloading of pages on websites. In such a case, the agile instinct of Single Page Application makes the user experience better. The user will remain on a single page from where he can get any information within milliseconds. And this will make the website environment more enjoyable to the user.

Working on Single Page Application 

Basically, when the website runs for the first time, that is the only time when the browser sends the initial request to the browser, and the browser sends back the main file (index.html). This is the only transaction between the browser and the server. There is a tag in the script for .js file and index.html gets undertaken by .js file. After the initial response from the server late it also sends the JSON data. And that JSON data will be used for updating the page dynamically.

Benefits of Single Page Application 

  • Quick Response: When we click on any link in the site then our site does not reload the whole content, it only takes particular required requests for the required action. In SPA, a website acts like a desktop application that does not have to contact the server because everything was preloaded for the first time. In this case, the website response is approximately 200 milliseconds, which is much faster than Multiple Page Application comparatively.
  • Less Load On Server: All the data loaded with the first run of the site so that the communicational levels between the application and server are very low as compared to other traditional pages.
  • User Experience (UX): If the loading time will be less then the user will enjoy the environment of the website and hence it will make the user experience better.
  • Offline Support: In case if there is an internet connection issue with the user then a single page application can cache the data. And users can still reload the data.

Challenges of Single Page Application

  • Poor SEO: As we all know that crawlers are designed to index web pages, and SPA only has one page. Google prefers good quality and longer content that has a good keyword density. But in SPA there is very less content present on the page. Although Google launched a scheme to increase the SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) of single-page applications. Google also indexes the dynamic pages but for that developers need to make sure that their javascript code is indexed by google.
  • Uneconomical: For making a good SPA we need a developer who has not only HTML, CSS, or JavaScript skills but also has Webpack, Express, React/Vue/Angular skills. And for the SPA we also have an SEO specialist who has some advanced skills, so that our single-page application can also be ranked in google. And for all that, we have to pay some extra money to developers and marketers.
  • Browser History: As we know that a SPA only updates a dynamic page, hence we cannot go back to the previous state of the website. If we press the back button it will return to the previous page instead of the previous state of a webpage.


Before going for a Single Page Application, please be sure about your goals. If your final product is completely achievable with single page functioning, then you should definitely go for SPA. Otherwise, you can also switch to a Multi-page Application.

So, this is the time to wrap up this article, I have tried to cut down this topic as simple as possible to make you people understand easily. Hope it makes some sense in your life, till then see you with the next fresh article.