In the competitive landscape of CRM software development services, understanding customer interactions and ensuring their satisfaction stands paramount. Customer Relationship Management, commonly known as CRM, acts as the backbone of many businesses’ success.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. At its core, it’s a tool, strategy, or process that companies use to manage and analyze interactions with their customers and potential clients. The primary goal? Enhancing business relationships. By leveraging CRM software development services, businesses can streamline their processes, retain customers, and drive sales growth.


When is the Right Time to Adopt a CRM?

Every business, regardless of its size, has one thing in common – the need to maintain a solid relationship with its customers. If you’re missing leads, finding it hard to retain clients, or struggling with keeping track of customer interactions, it’s probably time to consider a CRM. The earlier you adopt, the better equipped you are to nurture those relationships and scale efficiently.

Tech Stack at Trigma for CRM software development services

At Trigma, we understand that every business has unique requirements. That’s why we use a variety of tools and technologies tailored to our clients’ needs:

  • MEAN/MERN Stack: What is it? Why Trigma uses it for CRM development?

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js, while MERN swaps out AngularJS for React. These are full-stack JavaScript-based technologies that provide end-to-end solutions for app development.

Being entirely JavaScript-oriented, these stacks offer a unified language for both server and client-side, ensuring synchronized and efficient development. Their non-blocking architecture is perfect for CRM systems that demand real-time processing and scalability. Using these stacks, we craft CRMs that are lightning-fast, responsive, and easily maintainable.

  • Laravel: What is it? Why Trigma uses it for CRM development?

Laravel is a widely-respected PHP framework known for its expressive syntax and a rich set of features.

Laravel stands out for multiple reasons. Its ORM (Object Relational Mapping) offers an active record implementation, simplifying database operations. Its modularity allows developers to use pre-built packages for faster development cycles. The MVC architecture ensures clarity between logic and presentation, ideal for CRMs that require complex back-end processing while offering a user-friendly interface. Security is paramount in CRMs, and Laravel’s built-in features, like CSRF protection, secure routing, and password hashing, make it a go-to choice for secure CRM development.

Laravel CRM Software
  • Bubble: What is it? Why Trigma uses it for CRM development?

Bubble is a visual web application builder that allows users to create interactive, multi-user apps without writing any code.

The appeal of Bubble lies in its rapid development capabilities. In scenarios where businesses need a quick-to-market CRM solution without compromising on features, Bubble is our weapon of choice. Its drag-and-drop interface ensures a streamlined development process, while its integration capabilities mean the CRM can easily communicate with other tools. And it’s not limited to CRMs. Our bubble developers harness its flexibility to create a plethora of solutions, from dynamic marketplaces to comprehensive SaaS products, reflecting the platform’s adaptability and range.

Build CRM with Bubble

The Evolution of CRM Systems

From their humble beginnings as contact management systems, CRMs have grown exponentially. They’ve evolved into intricate systems that not only manage customer data but also provide insights, automate tasks, and integrate with other tools. This growth has been crucial in aiding companies to tackle contemporary challenges and enhance customer relations.


Embracing a CRM is not just about adopting a tool; it’s about investing in your company’s future. With technologies constantly evolving and the expertise of bubble developers and others in the realm of CRM software development services, businesses can now cater to their customers like never before. At Trigma, we’re dedicated to ensuring that the journey is both seamless and efficient.

Our Global Impression

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

We are very happy with the team's flexibility with the fact that they always deliver the tasks on time

Trigma Solutions developed a website for a content outsourcing company. The team built the project management site from scratch, providing both front- and backend development. Trigma Solutions provides project management tools to ensure a smooth workflow. The team is reliable, attentive, and knowledgeable.

CEO, Agabin Interactive (Manila, Philippines)

They are cooperative, hardworking, and really imaginative.

Thanks to Trigma’s efforts, the client was able to develop modules and troubleshoot their services. The team’s superb organizational skills and initiative allowed the project to become a success. Overall, end users give positive and satisfactory feedback on the project.

VP of Operation, AI Dashcam Manufacturer
(Seoul, Korea)

They were quick to understand what we needed and delivered it.

They were able to deliver a high-functioning site because of their transparent responsiveness and outstanding customer support. The new platform built by Trigma Solutions exceeded the internal stakeholders’ expectations. As a result, they plan to continue collaborations on future projects.

Founder, StallionMexSearch
(Jacksonville, Florida)

They have managed everything properly.

Trigma Solutions executed a successful project that’s seen high levels of user engagement. While there were some obstacles related to COVID-19, the team managed the workflow well. They’ve secured future work with the client for further app development.

Account Manager, Digitally Squared PR & News
(Karnataka, India)

Their sheer level of skill and ‘can do‘ attitude stood out to me.

The productive discussions we’ve had with Trigma Solutions have made our specs better and ultimately improved the software. Great Team and Value for money work done


These guys are problem solver and they are pretty fast at it

The team we worked with at Trigma was so calm in dealing with the integration hurdles they faced while connecting to our master distribution system that we nicknamed them the .. ‘Problem solver’


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