Virtual reality’s popularity in the tech industry cannot be overstated, especially since the accession of affordable and consumer-friendly VR headsets. The prospect of VR isn’t surprising, given that it frees us from the bounds of our bodies and allows us to experience and see places only in the digital world. The operations in businesses have already taken a whack due to the pandemic. Therefore, any company, let alone startups, should not miss any new opportunities created by remarkable technological advances.

Interestingly, startups are in a unique place where they can build their organizations from the ground up on technologies like VR. Moreover, they need to find the best ways to survive pandemic-related turbulent periods within the office and the distant work environment.

“VR dangles in front of our eyes a vision of the media’s future, changes in the ways we communicate, and the way we think about communication. The medium that tantalizes us has gone by a number of names: computer simulation, artificial reality, virtual environments, augmented reality, cyberspace, and so on. More terms are likely to be invented as the technology’s future unfolds.”

“Communication in the Age of Virtual Reality”

Recruitment of Top Talent

The first step to boosting productivity for every startup is to get their hands on the best talent pool: VR interviews, selection, and virtual assessment open doors to the possibility of gamification of skill testing. Such 3D environments can imitate the workflows and problems, allowing candidates to use their skills instantaneously to solve them. In addition, these interviews can help hiring managers assess a candidate’s persistence, curiosity, lateral thinking and problem-solving skills, technological adaptability, and aptitude.

Incorporating VR allows applicants to explore your company much more freely and efficiently as it streamlines the recruitment process like never before. The candidates can also see what it’s exactly like to work with you, be a member of your organization, and your company culture with virtual office tours. Standing out from the crowd and implementing VR tech right at the starting point of your startup is bound to boost your talent sourcing and elevate your employer’s brand.

Training Employees

VR tech can be used for on-the-job training for hundreds of employees at a time.You can use VR headsets to create an immersive experience for your recruits, trainees, or students rather than just handing textbooks or employing one-to-one mentoring.

Even though VR might seem expensive to budding startups, the training sessions can be reused inexhaustibly, making long-term returns profitable.

Startup businesses can perform test runs, called “practice training” or “test training,” to check on their operational initiatives and how their prospective employees respond to them. Humans are conditioned to learn through their senses and emotional response. Instinctively, learners will absorb information better with the engaging and emotionally charging learning experience that VR undeniably offers.


Well-thought Product Designs

VR can prove to be an outstanding tool for product development, design, and testing. For example, you can design 3D models with your hands using programs like Gravity sketch, Masterpiece Studio pro, and Dreams, and amend them, get a 360-degree view of them, step inside them and make changes as you go along with the designing process.

Such abilities allow product designers and engineers to test how customers feel and use the final product in the real world, leading to more human-centered designs. All this can be achieved without physical production and exhausting real-life and expensive resources. You also save time on rebuilding as you can fix and recreate virtually.

Collaborating Businesses

Startups often need cost-effective manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors and economical ways to coordinate with them. In addition, a company must keep these teams together, especially when the people are dispersed worldwide. Besides that, employees encounter a natural burst of productivity when they can quickly share ideas, designs, prices, and marketing strategies, collaborate on them and enjoy a sense of community within the team.

VR offers virtual meeting spaces for such discussions and access to data for hundreds of employees- making them feel like they are in the same room. Moreover, VR headsets can surpass the ease of video and phone calls. With a 3D camera to record and transmit every gesture, you can watch and assess people’s body language, which can come in handy during negotiations.

You can also use the VR workplace and link a series of whiteboards to communicate updates and plans. Startups can work face-to-face with partners at remote locations and collaborate productively as they would physically.

Advanced Purchasing Experience For Your Customer

VR technology presents a new era of “try before you buy.” To add intrigue to your shopping experience, retailers can invest in virtual showrooms that allow shoppers to try, examine, and play around with products sitting on their couches.

Customers can virtually visualize how the products will look and fit them or their homes in the actual dimensions of the product. Traders could design the showroom space as they see fit, update it in line with customer preferences, and completely control it. In addition, VR can allow companies to launch additional content and extra information in these stores; as people wander around, description pop-ups can tell them what they are looking at.

This technology of virtual superstore will indeed supersede the e-commerce market, and such exciting marketing ways of heightened reality can prove to be good investment opportunities for businesses.

Improved Manufacturing and Medical Operations

From delicate medical procedures to heavy manufacturing, VR has proven to be a powerful solution for improving operational efficiency. This immersive technology lets professionals test advanced process scenarios more effectively and sight complex information or diagrams in interactive 3D form, making it easier for them to understand and allowing the manipulation of parameters in real time. For example, Boeing engineers recently began to use VR to lay out wiring diagrams for new airplanes. This process used to take weeks and more than 20 feet long sheets of paper.

Thanks to VR technology, this can now be done in a matter of days and at a snippet of past costs. Moreover, the interactive nature of VR also has allowed engineers to make real-time adjustments and give them a better sense of how wires run through the fuselage. This technology has eliminated the need to build physical 3D models of new airplanes, which has led to additional cost savings for the firms.

Medical startups can also use VR to help bring clarity to complex data and improve real-time procedural operations. For example, allowing doctors to use VR to view CT and MRI scans can let doctors study and manipulate data in a 3D space. But, again, it is something that has factually been done only on 2D monitors.

The potential of VR technology in the medical industry has been emphasized by a few doctors who explain that VR enables them to obtain an intuitive understanding of spatial relationships between two different body parts, which can help improve operator confidence. This contribution of VR can prove to be precious to humankind.

neuralink implants

Final Thought 

For companies that have applied VR solutions internally or offered them to their customers, the potential virtual reality provided them benefits like – improved worker engagement and knowledge, easy pass on of valuable on-the-job skills, groundbreaking marketing way to show off products and services, establishment of a creative environment to test new ideas, and an invaluable reference tool for work planning.

Whether designing products or hiring employees, VR can augment your business’ practices, save time and reduce costs. VR technology shows strong promise in supporting business operations and making them more futuristic. We will likely see more and more ways in which VR can improve business and personal lives as time goes on.

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