Over the past few years, technology is getting advanced day by day. It becomes a challenge for the developers To choose the best technology for their projects to provide the best services. Making the right choice of technology proves the developer’s expertise in their domain.

When it comes to choosing a Database program there are many options that come to mind. “MongoDB” a document-oriented Database program is getting popular nowadays. It was founded in 2007 with some highlights like:

–          The data will be stored in the documented form, not in tables (rows and columns) like in SQL DB.

–          Data will be in human readable form

–          Document is described in JSON.

These points become the source of attraction for developers. Still there arises a question “Why MongoDB is better for Developers” when there are other Database programs that have been used by developers for many years. 

So here is the answer of this question: 

Nowadays, Clients’ choice is a scalable project/application. In that case, MongoDB fits best with the Agile methodology to get excellent results.

Other facts of opting MongoDB are listed below:

  • MongoDB’s “document data model” boosts developers’ work by providing a strong way to store, save and retrieve data.
  •  Scale-out architecture helps to store huge volumes of traffic and data with less complexity of management.
  • After installation, developers can start the coding immediately.
  •  MongoDB provides a great UI experience.
  •  To store complex DATA objects, developers can nest JSON. The binary JSON format can be created in MongoDB which helps to increase the efficiency and support for different Data Types.
  • It has a worldwide community of consultants and Developers so while using MongoDB database programs developers can get assistance in a very short time span which helps to solve their queries easily and enhance their knowledge.
  • It is a good fit for all computing platforms: On cloud servers (Public as well as Private) and on-premise.
  • As compared to other Database programs they can be used for particular languages but in the case of MongoDB, it can be used for all programming languages.
  •  All major ETL (“Extract Transform Load” Database functions) and DMS (Data Management Systems) can be accessed with MongoDB.
  •  Enterprise edition available and Enterprise Grade support available for MongoDB.

     When developers facing challenges like:
  •  Rapid iterative development Support requirement
  •  Representation of data with natural clusters
  •   Scaling data repository to the massive size
  •  The business remains to change and need to evolve the deployment type

For all these aspects MongoDB suits best. 

  •  MongoDB helps to store, save, search and manage data with different dimensions.

These are some of the major reasons which make MongoDB the best out of other Database Programming options for the development of a wide range of projects based upon BANKING, IoT, Gaming, eCommerce, Logistics and Content Management, etc.  Hope all these points make our visitors aware of the fact why MongoDB is getting limelight in the Database technology world for Developers.