Laser Engraving Software

May–Aug 2022

In recent years, Laser engraving machines have attracted the attention of many. Companies use these machines to personalize their products and stand out in a competitive marketplace. It is an effective way to add an extra flair to any product, from corporate plaques to cutting boards to furniture. Through design, it allows showing the unique personality and style of a person. Laser Engraving has changed dramatically over the past decade, resulting in an increase in users, due to which the client needed software that can automate his work and result in fast delivery.



The task was to solve the issue of manually entering all the details on the desired image, which made the work slow, and it became quite challenging to tend to every customer’s needs timely. So to match the increasing pace of the business, the client wanted us to build software that could automate his design work and, in a few clicks, can draft the results of the desired product.



We created Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) software that illustrates images with text, vector shapes, and embedded raster graphics. The SVG images can even be adjusted to the window size for displaying the image, i.e., they can be scaled in size without losing quality. Furthermore, a feature of programming of font, size of the letters or numbers, or symbols to be engraved was added to make the task easier.



Laser Engraving is a growing industry that gives small industries and home businesses something unique to offer to customers. The client, with the help of the software, could device all these impacts on his company:

  • Increased level of customer demand for customization and personalization of the products.
  • An expected increase in revenues and unit shipments.
  • Increased Interest and Focus on Personalization have led to improvement in productivity.
  • It offers a way to add unique touches to generic products.
Laser engraving

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