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If you are looking for our software consulting services, you will probably face up many bothering questions. That is why we have devised our frequently asked questions that can help you in evaluating our services and making decision.

What is outsourcing?
Outsourcing is referred to a situation when a company or an individual hires a third
party to do tasks on behalf of the company. Outsourcing is an old practice and has
proven to be a successful method to manage in-house tasks.
Why do companies outsource software development and why should I follow the tradition?
• Cost

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing development projects is cost reduction. Every project comes with a budget and a cost that a company has to bear. Not all companies have the resources or efficiency to carry out the project smoothly. In such scenarios where cost spent is much more than received, outsourcing can be a great option.

• Access to Pool of Talent

Outsourcing opens door to new creative ideas and solutions and at the same time gives opportunity to talent. Indian companies have highly skilled web developers that can deliver great results. This may be considered as a salient perk of outsourcing, with deep knowledge PHP trends of software development and expertise.

• Reduction in Operating Costs

Typically a month-long development project will cost you around $10,000 approximately. Contrary to it, if you go for a more budget-friendly option- to outsource in India, it will cost you only 20 to 30%. Ultimately your main goal is to get the result that is not only good but meets your expectation along with less expenditure. Hiring an Indian software development company is the first step to your goal.

• Round the Clock Support and Less Development Time

By hiring an Indian company, you can utilize time and manage your business 24/7 as there is a difference of 12-hours between both countries’ time zones. With the help of useful apps such as Slack and Skype, communication has become easier. Most outsourcing companies have day and night shift that makes support system stronger.

• Increased Security

When you hire an outsourcing partner to work on website development, they will make sure of security. After years of practice, our developers are well acquainted with every loop whole and weak points of software development.

In such a scenario, our team can use safeguards to keep a tab on any vulnerability, such as Content Security Policy (CSP). CSP can detect attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting and act as a security barrier for your website.

• Team of Dedicated Developers

If you hire us, Trigma, you will also get the following perks;

• 24/7 support
• Focus on core in-house developments
• Scope of multiple revisions
• A creative and different vision
• Fast trouble-shooting
• Big work force= faster results

What are the things I should know before contacting Trigma?
We need you to know what do you aim to accomplish and why do you need the software. What will you use it for and what should it do or perform. All these questions are pretty common. Having a clear vision is crucial before you start work on software development.

If you need guidance, we offer consultancy services as well. To get FREE consultation all you need to do is click on the