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Discover our work that attests to every commitment we make. We create products of unmatched quality and use cutting-edge technologies to offer solutions to clients on par with their expectations.

AI-Powered Robot Barista

A leading coffee company in Singapore approached us for a comprehensive software solution to enhance their coffee vending experience.

Restaurant Review Aggregator

Online reviews and testimonials platforms are all about building trust in the community.

Expression Analysis Using AI/ML

The term “emotion recognition” is rather broad and can cover anything from identifying the emotion of a single face to inferring the emotions of an entire group.

Data Syncing Solution for a Prosthetics Business

These advances in prosthetic limbs can increase the quality and longevity of life for an amputee, even though the devices can be costly.

Healthcare Chatbot Using AI/ML

Many new surveys and research have propounded that most countries in the world are experiencing the highest stress level.

Automotive Roadside Assistance

In the last several years, the automotive repair industry has seen a tremendous shift.


Automotive Roadside Assistance

In the last several years, the automotive repair industry has seen a tremendous shift.

Drive-Thru System

Even before the era of social distancing, drive-thru service was enormously popular in the United States.

Travel Social Media App

Traveling is one of life’s most enjoyable experiences.

On-Demand Cab Booking

Since times known, cabs have played a significant role in increasing mobility for people worldwide.

The Recommendation Engine is a new way of finding information.

At Trigma, we are all about user experience.

Pose Detection Using AI/ML

What does the word “pose” mean? It means different things to different people.

Virtual Assistance Using AI/ML

Virtual Assistance is the AI system that you can interact with on your mobile device.

E-Market for Automotive Service Providers

Automotive commerce is one of the most intricate businesses in the world.

One-Stop Shop for All Services

The tech-centric world provides easy solutions to ordinary people’s varied problems, and Home services are the latest solution for one such issue.

Laser Engraving Software

In recent years, Laser engraving machines have attracted the attention of many.

Hybrid Customer Delivery Application

Owning digital ecosystems has already become a broad concept.

Event Venue Finder Website

Finding the right venue is a skill set of its own.

Industrial Plant Monitoring

Manufacturing sector is one of the biggest industries in the business world.




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