Feedback can be defined as helpful information that is given to a certain person about his/her performance, behavior, and attitude. In an organization, if we talk about feedback, it is a way of expressing one’s performance or what is expected from an employee. With the help of feedback, the manager or employer can clearly explain to their employees that what has been expected from them, what they performed well, and in what areas can they improve for further growth in the organization.

Feedback provides insight into the performance of the employees. It also provides solutions to certain problems of the employees.

Feedback can be categorized into two types:

One is the Positive Feedback and the other is the Negative Feedback.

Positive Feedback is very important for the growth of the employees.

We need to make sure that the feedback turns out to be meaningful. Along with verbal communication non-verbal communication also plays a very important role and defines whether the feedback is positive or negative.

Feedback should not just be a one-way conversation but it should always be a two-way conversation.

It is very important that the employees speak their minds. They should also be given the right to speak about their performance or problems that the employees faced while working.  It refers to effective feedback where both the employer and the employee can discuss things and communication is a two-way process rather than being a one-way process.

When feedback is a two-way conversation it helps in the smooth functioning of the organization. This helps in improving the performance of the employees.

When the feedback is positive it brings a sense of responsibility, team spirit, and loyalty among the employees and they try to perform to their best so that they can achieve organizational goals.

Feedback can be considered good feedback only if it is a two-way conversation.