Remote working or working from home has become more than a trend because of the pandemic.

Thanks to the pandemic by the end of 2021, the number of remote workers can mount to 51 percent. It would be fair to say that it has now become a global necessity. Managing an entire team and working remotely can be scary in beginning. While remote working your team can face tough challenges such as lack of face-to-face supervision, social isolation, lack of coordination, network issues, distractions at home.

If you are new to remote working or have been doing it for some time now but still get frustrated, you should read this blog.

Managers Should Act as Better Leads

It all depends on the team lead or managers, how they are themselves when it comes to working from home. If the team lead or manager is lazy or indisciplined then the entire team will lose interest and follow the same. Following are tips for managers to make remote work more happening;

Schedule Daily Check-ins

For remote working to be really ‘working’, as a manager you need to schedule regular check-ins most probably every day. This may seem irritating and tiresome at first but it is the definite key to making remote working a success.

These days there are many tools that are used for remote working such as Slack, Skype, Chanty, Flock, and many others. Calls and emails are handy but they are not suitable for long-term communication. More and more team leads are depending on video conferences tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting.

Over-communication is the Key

Yes, that’s true. I know you must be wondering how talking much can help my team? Wouldn’t this be time-consuming? At the office, it can seem distracting but while working from home over-communication can really improve your team coordination and work quality. The reason behind this is the clarity of any project, the more you have discussions- the more clear idea.

Prioritize Tasks

Make sure as a manager that your team is on the same page, you can divide tasks among your team. Have a conversation with your team about which projects are significant for your company. Comparing can be good in this situation, set clear expectations, set goals, and practice time management.

Be Flexible

Here is a situation- every person’s home environment is different. To make remote working enjoyable, you need to be flexible with your employees’ needs at home as well. Listen to your employees’ issues, give them reasonable solutions.

Show Trust in Your Employees

The best thing you can do as a boss or team lead is show trust in your employees and don’t focus on your disbeliefs. I know it can be frustrating to a point when you are no longer able to monitor everything. But viewing the situation as it is a pandemic, you must put all your insecurities aside and show trust to keep going on peaceful and progressing remote working.

Focus on Outputs not ‘Processes’

The situation we all living in is not ‘fantastic’ exactly instead it’s stressful. We hear news and the number of increasing cases, we get panic. In a remote landscape, where people are juggling work and family, you should give credit to outputs rather than process behind.

Enable your employees to work in a way that is easy for them, let your team manage their schedules. To apply your authority, you can share a goal with them which should be achieved and monitored on weekly basis. Try to find exercises that can make remote work smoothly for everyone in your team including you as well.

Set Time Boundaries with Your Team

Most people after experiencing remote working fuss about how many extra hours they ‘have’ to spend. Lots of people raise the issue of working late hours to complete a project or deadline. As a team leads you can contribute and set specific time boundaries after which no one should work. You can guide them with effective time managing tips and help them out to implement.

In the End

No doubt because you are the boss or team lead a lot of pressure to keep the team glued falls on your soldier. Keep in mind that this time is limited and is for the betterment of your company. Each of these tips is basic, make sure to follow each of them with faith and confidence.