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Our software development company has been offering IT services to leading businesses in Singapore and are ready to extend it’s best app developers in India for your business idea. FREE consultations open to companies of all sizes!

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Talk to software development experts who can give you a brief on the execution of your project. Partner with our IT managed services, and you’ll feel as if you’ve hired a brand-new internal development team.

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    We Have A Track Record Of Successful Projects

    We work with companies of all sizes. Our software development specialization helps us attract the best talent —over 350 developers and counting.

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    Projects Delivered

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    Ridiculously Effortless Partnership

    Team Extension: Overcome any potential skill gaps

    If you are looking for app developers in India to join your internal team or need to add specific software development skills to your roster, you have landed in the right place. We’ll jack up your team with the exact people you require.

    End-to-End Product Development

    Save developmental costs with an all-in-one technology partner, without compromising on quality, build a cross-functional software development team with us. We will deliver your project with world-class IT managed services deployment & maintenance.

    Consulting & Expertise

    You might encounter challenges with your software products, or your product may be isnt functioning adequately. In either scenario, you require top IT software development company within your industry to discuss your product and collaborate to improve your operational processes.

    Partnership Team
    Our First-Hand Experience with the Singapore Market

    Kiosk And Mobile Software Engineering For Coffee Vending

    Singapore’s leading F&B company availed our IT managed services to develop Environment Workflow and mobile app to let customers place coffee orders remotely.

    Workflow and order flow development

    Workflow and Order Flow Development

    During the MVP software development, we inculcated ai development and mapped key user actions, logical order flow, and backend integration with the client’s inventory system. And anticipated scenarios such as failed transactions and invalid inputs, and implemented user-friendly fallback mechanisms.

    wireframing and prototyping

    Prototyping and Design

    We created low-fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes to visualize the app’s environment, screen layouts, and navigation paths to bring about custom software development and test its functionality . This is also a routine step under our mvp software development service.

    kiosk software mobile app developments

    Mobile App Development and Testing

    The app allowed users to discover nearby kiosks, view the menu, and receive notifications with seamless payments from their devices. With our IT managed services, usability testing and user acceptance testing were conducted to identify any areas for improvement.

    Our Services

    Our Core Offerings include Web App Development, Mobile, Cloud Solutions, Custom Software, AR/VR and AI/ML

    market entry assistance

    Web Development Services

    Our web development services can help you craft impactful websites that showcase your uniqueness and attract and retain customers. As startup enthusiasts, we offer budget-friendly solutions without compromising on quality web development.

    MVP App Development and Design

    MVP App Development & Design

    Our MVP agile developers offer IT consulting so you can explore back-end requirements for your platform of choice, gather feedback, test UIs, and make changes until the MVP is ready, with shortened timelines and reduced costs.

    mvp implementation

    Ai Services

    Unleash AI's potential for your startup's success! Our AI services drive growth through data-driven insights and personalized user experiences so you can foster customer loyalty. Embrace AI development to redefine possibilities and lead your industry with innovation.

    mvp support services

    Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    We will offer you enterprise IT solutions, continuous technical support, updates, and modifications for their software products. Our services allow them to focus on market entry while ensuring smooth operations and scalable capabilities.

    mvp prototype

    Custom Software Development

    Our Custom software solutions include apps that contribute to your efficiency and productivity. Seamlessly integrated with your operations, our custom software development company gives you the agility to scale swiftly with customizable technology.

    scale up your business

    Mobile App Development Services

    Our mobile app development services transform your visionary concept into a dynamic mobile app that drives success. Our startup-focused mobile app development approach ensures swift, cost-effective solutions so you can capture your market.

    Our Achievements on Clutch

    Our achievement as a software company on Clutch is a testament to the expertise and passion of our talented team, that works towards providing software development solutions and has catered to the unique custom software development for startups and businesses in Singapore. With our exceptional ratings and reviews on Clutch, we strive to stand out as the go-to technology partner for startups in the region.

    Our Global Impression

    Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

    Paul Agabin


    CEO, Agabin Interactive (Manila, Philippines)

    We are very happy with the team's flexibility with the fact that they always deliver the tasks on time Trigma Solutions developed a website for a content outsourcing company. The team built the project management site from scratch, providing both front- and backend development. Trigma Solutions provides project management tools to ensure a smooth workflow. The team is reliable, attentive, and knowledgeable.



    Their sheer level of skill and ‘can do‘ attitude stood out to me. The productive discussions we’ve had with Trigma Solutions have made our specs better and ultimately improved the software. Great Team and Value for money work done.

    Katherine Bonello


    These guys are problem solver and they are pretty fast at it The team we worked with at Trigma was so calm in dealing with the integration hurdles they faced while connecting to our master distribution system that we nicknamed them the .. ‘Problem solver’.

    Park Min Ho


    VP of Operation, AI Dashcam Manufacturer (Seoul, Korea)

    They are cooperative, hardworking, and really imaginative. Thanks to Trigma’s efforts, the client was able to develop modules and troubleshoot their services. The team’s superb organizational skills and initiative allowed the project to become a success. Overall, end users give positive and satisfactory feedback on the project.



    Founder, StallionMexSearch (Jacksonville, Florida)

    They were quick to understand what we needed and delivered it. They were able to deliver a high-functioning site because of their transparent responsiveness and outstanding customer support. The new platform built by Trigma Solutions exceeded the internal stakeholders’ expectations. As a result, they plan to continue collaborations on future projects.

    Gowri Shankar


    Account Manager, Digitally Squared PR & News (Karnataka, India)

    They have managed everything properly. Trigma Solutions executed a successful project that’s seen high levels of user engagement. While there were some obstacles related to COVID-19, the team managed the workflow well. They’ve secured future work with the client for further app development.

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