AWS, or Amazon web services as an abbreviation, is a famous Cloud Service Provider that allows on-demand assistance like storage, computing, networking, databases, security, etc., which can be used via the internet worldwide, and the user does not have to manage or monitor these resources. Amazon Web Services, being a global leader in the Public Cloud market share, offers cloud solutions in 245 different countries across the globe. Being among the top 10 cloud service providers, AWS provides more than 200 Cloud Computing services in domain like,

— Storage
— Networking
— Monitoring
— Migration
— Computation
— Security
— Analytics
— DevOps
— IoT
— Databases
— Messaging
— Big Data

Now talking about SAP (System Analysis Program Development), is an ERP tool that is the backbone of organizations in different industries. SAP is a widely used ERP. SAP can be explained as a software containing hundreds of fully integrated modules taking care of nearly every aspect of management and business. SAP offers a room to create a centralized system for business operations that enables every department to share and access data to create a better work environment for each employee.


AWS and SAP recently collaborated; the former, as mentioned, is the most widely accepted cloud platform, and the latter is the world’s leading software producer for the management of business operations and processes that help companies accelerate digital transformation.

The senior vice president and strategic partner officer, Elena Ordóñez del Campo, said, “AWS and other infrastructure providers are becoming increasingly important to SAP’s business as we help our customers benefit from digital transformation in the cloud with RISE with SAP.” She further claimed, “Building on our partnership of 15 years, we move into the new year with aligned go-to-market teams in every region, an industry-leading portfolio of solutions enabled by our joint reference architecture, and a growing selection of co-innovations — all ready to help accelerate value for our customers. We look forward to an incredible 2023 together and beyond.”

When AWS stakeholders were asked for views, the director of AWS Worldwide Strategic Alliances, Kathleen Curry, claimed this multiyear collaboration would enable strong marketing and co-selling programs. SAP often integrates itself with AWS to offer a unified experience to customers as they keep evolving and innovating their business in a dynamic economic environment. This collaboration can become an important milestone for both parties as it will help companies modernize with fastened time to value, reliability, price performance, and sustainability.

This joint investment and the technology-driven project are significant in bringing together two major engineering organizations to support customers’ journeys. Moreover, SAP is an endorser of Amazon’s Climate Pledge, committing to zero carbon, and has also increased the number of sustainability efforts.

Entering 2023, both companies have emphasized delivering the utility of RISE with SAP on AWS by allowing customers to fasten cloud adoption together with a world-class collection of extensible services. This next turning point in the partnership includes:

— To support complex customer requirements, use a joint reference architecture.
— Forging Joint marketing planning across multiple channels, such as SAP marquis, conferences, AWS events, and demand generation campaigns.
— Making global sales motions in a common framework for the teams to work together with systems integrator partners.
— Dedicated personnel worldwide dedicated to focusing on the AWS go-to-market/SAP.

An example that illustrates the potential of this partnership is the use of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), which is internationally available on AWS. These organizations have developed a joint reference architecture that offers extended use cases and showcases the combined strengths of federated AWS and SAP services. The collective reference architecture will provide customers assistance on how to assemble SAP and AWS best to achieve digital transformation. Taiwan’s largest institutional property developer, Ally Logistic Property (ALP), implemented SAP BTP and several AWS services to fuel creativity and expand its warehouse abilities.


With an alliance focused on innovation, transformation, and delivery for their customers, AWS and SAP have entered 2023 more ready than ever to help customers adapt to cloud solutions that let them innovate faster and capitalize on the digital severances within their industries. If you wish to leverage the benefits of AWS cloud and SAP to improve your business, contact us today for a free consultation.

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