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Cloud services allow for faster access to computing power, data storage, and software. Cloud services also reduce costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of physical assets. The cloud offers many benefits – greater efficiency, less risk of losing your data, and easier compatibility across devices. From checking email to collaborating on documents, everyone uses cloud services throughout the day, whether they’re aware of it or not.

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Benefits of Cloud Services


Cloud computing allows you to adjust your operations and storage space on demand so your operations can evolve along with your needs.

Lowered Costs

Rather than paying for expensive equipment, using the resources from cloud computing providers gives your business a huge boost.

Increased Flexibility

Cloud computing offers continuous access to shared computational resources. It allows our team to be more flexible in their work practices.

Business Continuity

Cloud backup allows you to conduct business as usual, minimising any downtime and loss of productivity even if you experience a natural disaster.

Automatic Updates

Rather than paying for expensive equipment, using the resources from cloud computing providers gives your business a huge boost.


One of the best features of cloud computing is that your data is backed up. You’ll never have to worry about data loss.

Types of Cloud Services

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The most widely recognized type of cloud service is known as software as a service, or SaaS. This broad category encompasses a variety of services, such as file storage and backup, web-based email and project management tools. If you’re looking for a cloud solution that will be flexible, maintain high security and also won’t cost you a fortune, SaaS is for you. To minimize hardware and software, it doesn’t require to be installed on your computer and can be accessed online. Examples of SaaS cloud service providers include Dropbox, G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Slack and Citrix Content Collaboration. In each of these applications, users can access, share, store and secure information in “the cloud.”

  • Managed from a central location
  • Hosted on a remote server
  • Accessible over the internet
  • Services are purchased on the pay-as-per-use basis

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS streamlines data centers and creates simplified network infrastructures to avoid complicated installations, complex integrated software tools or costly server hardware purchases. This type of service removes the need for configuration and network engineering expertise.

  • Resources are available as a service
  • Services are highly scalable
  • Dynamic and flexible
  • GUI and API-based access
  • Automated administrative tasks

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS is a platform-as-a-service offering that provides developers with a development environment to build and deploy cloud apps. PaaS often offers a variety of tools to enable developers to write single lines of code for a wide range of tasks, such as deploying nodes and scaling those nodes automatically. They also support many different programming languages.

  • Accessible to various users via the same development application.
  • Integrates with web services and databases.
  • Builds on virtualization technology.
  • Support multiple languages and frameworks
  • Provides an ability to “Auto-scale”.

Function-as-a-Service (FaaS)

Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) is an event-driven execution model, which means developers can simply run their own created app packages as functions without the need for maintaining infrastructures; it mostly works with Lambda services. With FaaS, developers can more easily develop distributed apps and repeatable architectures on top of cloudless container environments. It’s like a dish service, which you can order as you need and then pay for as the team prepares your meal. There’s no chef; you either use those that come with it or those that can be cooked depending on what items they order.

  • Improved developer velocity
  • Built-in scalability
  • Builds on virtualization technology.
  • Cost efficiency

Types of Cloud

Public Cloud Services

Public cloud providers abstract their own infrastructure, platforms, or apps from hardware they own, pool them into data lakes; and share them with many tenants. Public cloud services are the latest innovation in the technology industry. This is an important part of e-business models because it enables customers to access computing resources anywhere while improving efficiency. Model types include SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. These are just a few of the features that are offered to you by public cloud services providers.

Private Cloud Services

Private cloud services are often necessary for organizations with stringent privacy or regulatory requirements. The benefits of hosting data locally-based private cloud service providers are that they offer enhanced network performance and scalability, geopolitical regionality, availability, agility, reliability, and increased user engagement. Exclusive environments, custom security, efficient performance, etc are just a few of the features that are offered to you by private cloud services providers.

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