When we talk about writing enterprise-grade technologies and developing, no one does it as sophisticated as Microsoft. .NET Core is the most productive platform for developers. .NET Core framework is also one of many general-purpose frameworks used all over the world to build software applications for Linux, Windows, and macOS. 

Compared to other software frameworks, it is the most meticulous and adaptable. It can be used to build many kinds of software, like Desktop applications, Cloud services, APIs, Mobile apps, Games, and IoT applications. Unlike other programming frameworks, .NET Core isn’t limited to a single programming language and supports XAML, VB.NET, F#, C#, and TypeScript. Independent communities manage such programming languages, and open source. .NET Core offers the most extensive, mature, and advanced class libraries, multi-language support, tools, and standard APIs.

What is .Net Core Used for?

As mentioned, being a general-purpose software development framework, .NET Core features provide the utmost convenience to developers while building heaps of new software, like Gaming, IoT, Mobile, Cloud, Web, Desktop, etc. Moreover, the applications built using .NET Core are supported on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Mobile Applications

Libraries and toolsets offered with Xamarin for cross-platform mobile app development using C# allow developers to build native apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows on a shared .NET codebase with seamless functionality.

Web Applications

The main component of the .NET Core set includes ASP. NET Core. It is a framework good for making web pages. ASP.NET Core belongs to the MVC architecture lineage and provides common web development libraries. 

Desktop Applications

You get legions of tools and frameworks with .NET Core for desktop app development. However, if you’re looking for a suitable desktop app development platform, Windows Forms, WPF, Xamarin, and UWP are the four significant piers for you.  

Cloud Apps

Demand for cloud computing and applications has experienced a significant surge in the last decade. With all the traction coming the cloud’s way, .NET Core offers Azure for several cloud apps.

Internet of Things

IoT is the most popular domain in information technology. You can enjoy .NET Core support for IoT development via the UWP framework proposed for IoT devices running Windows 10 IoT Core.


Developers can employ C# and UWP, built to program games for desktop, console, TV, VR, mobile, and Web. In addition, your developers can make astounding games using support from Unity.

Microservices and Containers

Microservices are a new design pattern that lets developers build small modules of software services that are able to connect with each other using well-defined contracts.

Microservices make developing, testing, and employing isolated parts of your application easier. Once deployed, every microservice can be independently scaled as required. Microservices architecture is supported in .NET Core, which allows cross-platform services to work with .NET Core, offering services developed with .NET Framework, Ruby, Java, or others.

Containers are today’s VMs .NET Core’s lightweight, modularity, and flexibility make it easier to deploy .NET Core apps into containers. Containers contain an app and all configuration files and dependencies into a single, small, and independently deployable software unit. Containers can be employed on any platform, cloud, Linux, and Windows. .NET Core works well with Azure Kubernetes Service and Docker.

Dotnet Core Development


What makes .NET Core so Great?

Free and Open Source

The whole .NET Core platform is open source and free, offering expert developers a vast playground to develop enterprise-grade and futuristic applications. One can easily find information on the .NET Core source on Github. Many active developers indulge in .NET Core development to improve the existing features, fix bugs, and add new features and issues. At the moment, more than 60,000 developers and 3,700 companies are working to strengthen the .NET ecosystem.


.NET Core has continuously been moving away from older frameworks and functionalities. The .NET Core framework is built to solve modern problems and meet today’s needs. Some of them may include mobile friendliness, high performance, scalability, building apps once, and running them on various platforms. 


This framework supports and runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Not just that, it is also consistent across architecture, including ARM, x86, and x64. You can import and use the same libraries and assemblies on multiple platforms. .NET Core supports modern language constructs employing C# version 8, like modular programming object-oriented lambdas generics, collections, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), and asynchronous programming.


In comparison with the .NET Framework and .NET Core 2.2 and previous versions, .NET Core 3.0, the latest version, is superbly fast. Also, it is faster than the current server-side frameworks like Java Servlet and Node.js.

Lightweight and Friendly

Most developers find the .NET Core framework extremely lightweight; it can be included in your apps or installed side-by-side with the user, on a server, or machine-wide. In addition, you can use .NET Core in Docker containers.

Additionally, the .NET Core framework is superiorly compatible with .NET Framework, Mono, and Xamarin via .NET Standard. You can also get support while working with other well-known Web frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, and JavaScript.

Features and tweaks in .NET Core 3.0

  • Support for MSIX Deployment in Windows Desktop
  • Framework-dependent executables support
  • Improved Cryptography
  • GPIO Support for Raspberry Pi
  • Build copies dependencies
  • Fast built-in JSON support
  • Unload assembly easily
  • Windows Native Interop
  • TLS 1.3 & OpenSSL 1.1.1 on Linux
  • Improvements in IEEE Floating-point
  • .NET Platform Dependent Intrinsics


What Next: Features in .NET Core 5.0

  • C# updates
  • F# updates
  • Visual Basic updates
  • Garbage Collection (GC)
  • System.Text.Json
  • Async ValueTask pooling
  • Container size optimizations
  • System.Text.Json new features
  • Single file apps
  • App trimming
  • System.Text.RegularExpressions
  • Windows ARM64 and ARM64 intrinsic


Cloud-Native Support

Several changes to this framework are specifically aimed at improving performance in container workload scenarios:

  • Better .NET performance in container environments.
  • Reduction in the size of published images
  • A more extensive selection of available pictures.
  • Support for orchestration APIs to make it easier to work with .NET



A large community of developers is the answer for those who are wondering just how popular .NET is and who else knows about it. It unites engineers from small, midsize, and enterprise-level companies. It best suits businesses that need a wide range of features like desktop software, web-based services, and cloud infrastructure support. Contact us if you require .NET Core services to build your next great app, game, or website.


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