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Sep–Dec 2022

Core TechnologyMean Stack, Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB 

Services and Assistance Web Development, UI/UX design, CMS 

Online reviews and testimonials platforms are all about building trust in the community as they allow consumers to benefit from other people’s experiences with a particular product. Thanks to media available online, today’s consumers are most likely to seek additional information about the sensory aspects or quality of a product before placing an order. 


Client’s Demand

The client came to us with a distinctive demand where he wanted to create a review aggregator platform for restaurants, cafes, and bars. The main idea was to provide people with a platform where they can

  • fetch reviews of their desired eatery and food outlets,
  • check out their reputation among the customers as well as their personal experience with the outlet,
  • and access their details like their realistic photos posted by people, their hours of working, amenities offered and all the other relevant details.
Online reviews

Shaping up the Idea

“Sleek and Straightforward Design”

Our custom web app development started with the minimum practicable product creation. For complex and sizable projects, thoughtful and smooth UI design is of the utmost priority as it enables users to leverage the functionality and features of the product with convenience. We created a UI where users can simply find results on the basis of different search parameters, that is, Restaurant, Dish name, Food Type, and City. A pop-up will appear as soon as the user makes a search. The results will be displayed to the users alongside when the search is performed.


“Convenient Search Filters”

We also aimed to solve and simplify trivial user journeys and offer our clients a platform that provides an enjoyable experience while interacting with the product. We made sure that the results and other listing information pop up in an organized manner that don’t overwhelm a viewer. Using relevant and intelligent search filters, we contracted the user journey, allowing them to easily navigate their results and find what they are looking for at a faster pace. Our developers made sure to keep the web solution more customer oriented. 

The search results show a list of restaurants that can be cataloged based on selected search filters. These filters can formulate more spot-on results for people who don’t like to waste time in endless browsing. Next, the resultant view includes reviews from platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google, along with reviews posted on the site itself. This allows an even richer search result than any other platform available. Users can also view realistic photos of the interior and exterior of the restaurant shared by reviewers. They can read into the actual hospitality of a place from the POV of a customer. The cuisine name, related dishes offered by enlisted restaurants, location of the restaurants, opening and closing time during the week, and all the expected information are also adeptly listed on the result page.


“Easily Operated Admin Panel”

Regarding admin experience, we built an easy-to-use admin panel. The web solution offered makes database management exceptionally comfortable and visually organized. Our developers let the admin view everything noteworthy on the dashboard, like total users and manage customer accounts. They have the option to remove customers, view complete user profile details and reviews, and change the content added to the CMS pages terms & conditions, FAQ, privacy policy, and ‘contact us’ details.

“Easy Search Made Easier”

To make the search experience more manageable, our developers propounded an option for users to apply tags for even more meaningful and accurate results, viz., outlet category, features(entertainment facilities, group settings, etc.), preferred neighborhood, and the desired distance from the user’s location. We built an authentication system of people that authenticates the identity of a reviewer. Further, we used the backend APIs of yelp for restaurant listings.


“Results That Last for The Long Haul”

Our skilled developers made sure that the web app was built keeping the user journey in mind with flexible components. Our team of developers aims to enable a quick and convenient search for the correct food item or eatery for the site’s users. We executed a complex product with multiple user flows and various integrations. We also made sure that the app adapted to high loads as the popularity of the app increased. Our custom web app development is certainly a reliable solution that links finders with the correct food reviews. 

We also took into account the feedback we received from the users of the first version of the web app. We made sure to regularly test every page’s speed and functionality as we understand that such features are the first or the only impression of a potential customer. Our professionals truly know that a poorly constructed or slow area on a website can easily encourage someone to leave the website and probably not return again.



– 30% market reach in the first few months

– Wide demographic reach

– Better data collection on consumer insights

-46% consumer engagement 

–  Valuable for Insights clearer targeted marketing

Online reviews

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