Why Should You Outsource PHP Development Projects?

Why Should You Outsource PHP Development Projects?

Do you know which one of the oldest general-purpose scripting languages is? 

We’ll give you a hint it starts with a ‘P’ can be merged into HTML and is exclusively used for web development. Yes, we are talking about PHP, a personal home page, nowadays recognized as a hypertext processor. Always in demand and getting new trends, PHP is still one of the most used languages used in web development. 

PHP is practical, flexible, and user-friendly and is behind the most famous websites in the world such as Facebook, WordPress, Slack, Spotify, Tumblr, and many others. More than 200 million websites are present on the internet built with the help of PHP. If you are thinking of web development you would need a brilliant PHP development company


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Why India is the best country for outsourcing PHP development projects?

Outsourcing will be beneficial when it comes to web development because of many reasons and this is what exactly we’ll be explaining today. It is nothing new and lots of companies go for outsourcing simply because of workload or limited resources. 

Before jumping to any conclusion, let us take a look at some of the interesting outsourcing facts and figure out why India is considered a major choice;

  • According to a Global Outsourcing Survey, conducted by the IT giant Deloitte, over 78% of business owners are content with their outsourcing partner.  
  • In an article published by Outsource2India, almost 82% of US-based companies voted India as their first choice for software outsourcing. 
  • According to another survey, 80% of firms in countries such as Europe and the The USA choose India for their outsourcing work. 
  • Cost 

    One of the most obvious and huge advantages of outsourcing PHP development projects is cost reduction. Every project comes with a budget and a cost that a company has to bear. Not all companies have the resources or efficiency to carry out the project smoothly. In such scenarios where cost spent is much more than received, outsourcing seems a great option.
  • Access to Pool of Talent 

    Outsourcing opens door to new creative ideas and solutions and at the same time gives opportunity to talent. Indian companies have highly skilled web developers that can deliver amazing results. This may be considered as a salient perk of outsourcing, with deep knowledge of PHP trends and expertise. 

    India without a doubt has earned the place of being called an IT hub worldwide. Due to the increasing demand for web developers in India, every company is delivering the best work to grab international projects. 
  • Reduction in Operating Costs 

    Typically a month-long PHP development project will cost you around $10,000 approximately. Contrary to it, if you go for a more budget-friendly option that is to outsource in India it will cost you only 20 to 30%. Ultimately your main goal is to get the result that is not only good but meets your expectation along with less expenditure. Hiring an Indian PHP development company is the first step to your goal.
  • Round the Clock Support and Less Development Time 

    By hiring an Indian company, you can utilize time and manage your business 24/7 as there is a difference of 12-hours between both countries’ time zones. With the help of useful apps such as Slack and Skype, communication has become easier. Most outsourcing companies have day and night shift that makes support system stronger. 

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  • Language Barrier: A Myth 

    English is the main language in Indian companies for decades for work and communication. The language barrier does not exist simply and even if it does due to accent it can be managed by text communication. To say it gingerly, you will not face any difficulty in communication. 
  • Increased Security 

    PHP is a secure scripting language but that doesn’t mean completely conceal. When you hire an outsourcing partner to work on website development they will make sure of security. After years of practice, PHP language makes a developer well acquainted with its weak points and PHP trends.

    In such a scenario, they can use safeguards to keep a tab on any vulnerability such as Content Security Policy (CSP). CSP can detect attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting and act as a security barrier for your website. 
  • Team of Dedicated Developers

    Whether you hire a team or an individual, it depends on you but if you go for a team then you can get the following benefits; 
  • 24/7 support
  • Focus on core in-house developments
  • Scope of multiple revisions
  • A creative and different vision
  • Fast trouble-shooting 
  • Big work force= fast results 

A company may hire a team because its developers cannot handle numerous numbers of projects. This creates a burden on your team which eventually leads to poor work performance. Hiring a team gives your company developers to focus on projects and give outstanding results. 

  • Time to Market 

    It is salient to create your website or app as fast as possible to decrease its time in the market. This way you can stay ahead of your competition, and your business can flourish. Creating a website and app is merely the first step; the real journey begins after you create your project. 

Generally, PHP requires less time and is efficient. If you outsource your project to an external partner, they cannot only reduce time, but your business will be their single priority. 

Conclusion: Web developers keep themselves aware of the latest PHP trends and can deliver outstanding results. Outsourcing should be considered when handling a business; we have shared several benefits of outsourcing to Indian companies. You can build a trusting relationship with an external outsourcing partner that can last for years to come. 

We, at Trigma, offer affordable and effective PHP development services. We have a team of consisting 200 software engineers who are experts in their field. With 12 years of experience, we have delivered hundreds of PHP projects to our clients. 

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Future Of IoT and PHP Together

Future Of IoT and PHP Together

In the period of IoT, people are encircled by various devices like watches, speakers, pots, and substantially more. Yet, how to build up an IoT device? What programming language to utilize when you concoct a thought for another keen thing. and execute it in the most ideal manner? That isn’t so easy to choose. Numerous just desert this thought because of the lack of information in programming and hardware or due to the complex development process.

Yet, the individuals who choose to continue with their idea, regularly use PHP for IoT device development, despite all the disdain for PHP. How about we attempt to sort out if PHP and IoT truly go incredible together.

Introduction to PHP

PHP (also known as Hypertext Preprocessor)is an open-source,  general-purpose programming language. PHP is explicitly intended for web development, and its code can be inserted straightforwardly into HTML. Despite the fact that PHP is incredibly simple to learn, and yet, it fulfils the requests of expert developers intended to work in a web server environment, its scope isn’t restricted to this. The fundamental quality of the PHP programming language is its interpretability.

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Today, the Internet comprises thousands of corporate, scientific, administrative, and home PC networks. Networks of various architectures and topologies are consolidated utilizing the IP protocol. Every individual from the Network (or gathering of members) is doled out an IP address, lasting or impermanent (dynamic). Additionally, the Internet of things today comprises numerous approximately interconnected networks, every one of which tackles its own concern. For instance, in a place of business, a few networks can be deployed at once controlling forced air conditioners, heating systems, lighting, security, and so forth. These networks can work as per various principles, and consolidating them into one network is a non-unimportant errand.

How PHP And IoT Work Together

We have set up that PHP is generally used to design web pages for a website. In that situation, it attempts to content the language on the website, combine all the pictures required for website creation, and build up a responsive web design service. Additionally, PHP guarantees a consistent user experience on account of the User Interface plan.

 For a large scale, the Internet of Things is only a redesign of tools and machines to take technology to the following level. This field arises, permitting machines to do numerous things automatically. Utilizing PHP Trends in custom web advancement permits providing users with a stage that helps make changes as per their necessities and requirements. Moreover, the user can stay in contact with their device despite the location, just with the assistance of a cell phone. Arduino acts as the brain of the system and plays a vital role in IoT. It allegedly more language agnostic and also supports PHP. The devices and addons are reasonably cheap and very easy to mix and match with other hardware, from general electronics to Arduinos.

What About PHPoC?

Presently, we should move to an extraordinary solution for IoT that is firmly associated with PHP. It’s carried out as a hardware platform called PHPoC, which gives all you require to make things identified with the Internet in only a couple of steps. 

PHPoC (PHP on Chip) is a programming language and hardware IoT platform made in the Republic of Korea. The platform incorporates a microcontroller with an inherent translator of the PHP programming language. Moreover, the platform incorporates servers and development cards for PHPoC and for mainstream microcontrollers.

But, how can it work? To work with boards, you need to make just two strides: 

Compose a script in PHP and transfer it to PHPoC 

Moreover download different sorts of documents, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, pictures 

PHPoc platform is utilized for different requirements, including: 

Sensors monitoring 

Fringe device management

Control of relays, servos, stepper motors 

Full-duplex correspondence through WebSocket 

Email sending 

Work with information bases 

USB debugging 

The makers recognize three principle segments for their platform: 

Hardware. This incorporates different interfaces and network protocols. 

Firmware. device driver, network center, web server, and PHPoC interpreter. 

PHPoC scripts (User Files). Developed programs are written to the board. 

The creators of IoT gadgets compose the program and transfer it to PHPoC as a .php extension. Moreover, they show what documents are to run in the framework cycle and what files are to run in light of HTTP demands. 

Wrapping Up

The Internet of Things continues to acquire fame in this day and age of technologies. The applications are improving, and the AI and AI usage are upgraded step by step. When these machines can settle on more powerful and significant choices, the more achievement they will bring to the technology field.PHP and IoT appear to have an incredible future together. What’s more, regardless of the relative multitude of negative remarks towards PHP, its scripted language and savvy device of IoT can make the most recent level devices together.

Latest PHP Trends To Look Out For in 2021

Latest PHP Trends To Look Out For in 2021

PHP got the spotlight when Facebook and Wikipedia used this technology stack for their development process. Most people might not be aware of its abbreviation in the beginning. Initially, it was popular as “PERSONAL HOME PAGE” but when it got its professional fame it was termed as “HYPERTEXT PREPROCESSOR”.

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages globally. There are different frameworks and CMS PHP introductions which do not let the PHP popularity fed up.

In the past years, there came new PHP trends, which are increasing PHP popularity in the IT world. In the IT sector there comes different technologies frequently but PHP has managed to keep ahead in this fast-changing IT world. In this article, we are going to discuss the latest PHP trends in different fields.

Clubbing IoT with PHP:

From the past few years, IoT (Internet of Things) has gained a lot of importance and is considered the future of the IT sector. PHP’s latest version (i.e. PHP 7) has introduced new features by which PHP can collaborate with IoT by performing multiple tasks with a single script and also offers an easy synchronization programming thread. When IoT came to the limelight, the PHP trend got affected a bit. But now with the introduction of PHP’s latest version 7.x, they introduced new features which are compatible with the Internet of things. It can be considered great news for PHP Developers.

PHP latest version:

With the PHP version update, it introduces new features which are compatible with the latest trend. Similarly, PHP’s latest version (PHP 7) has introduced new features and has also improved its security features. Now, developers can handle issues in a better way with the help of declarations and hints. PHP has also improved its usage optimization. When PHP updates its version they keep in mind the latest trends and what new features are required to keep PHP in trend.

Adoption of AR & VR:

PHP’s latest trends also include the adoption of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with WordPress. In the latest WordPress websites and eCommerce websites/stores, users can find AR & VR features. It improves the user experience with eCommerce websites. When users come on the eCommerce websites only a good user experience can compel them to stay on the website and buy the product. The integration of AR and VR in the eCommerce websites increases users/customers and it helps in the client’s business growth as well. PHP CMS (WordPress) adoption with AR & VR will help business progress in a better way.

Outsource PHP:

For growing business there comes the latest trend to outsource the PHP projects. So the clients from different countries assign their projects to the developers remotely. It helps them to complete the projects in a cost-effective manner. Most Americans appoint developers from other regions and they work remotely with different team members. It does not affect the project quality but clients’ are able to get the required product on time with a reasonable budget. On the contrary, their local developers seek higher hourly prices and it also includes infra charges so outsourcing PHP is considered the best option for clients nowadays

Web development:

For web development purposes PHP is considered the most popular language for developers. As the chatbots are getting important features of the websites and apps. With the help of this open-source language (PHP) Developers can create chatbots within very little time. It helps to improve the customer experience. By adding new features and updation in the PHP versions, PHP is still considered a strong language for the development of the best web applications.

Better UI/UX:

PHP with the latest version and features also provides options for a better UI/UX experience. A better User experience helps to engage customers for a long time over the website and helps in business growth. There are different features in PHP that can be used to enhance the virtual representation, dynamic effects.

So all these facts don’t let us face any downfall in the popularity of PHP for open-source language. It remains the trending language for both developers and clients. The developers who have experience with PHP have a vast scope. They learn new things with the passage of time which makes their work interesting. Because of the new features, integration PHP remains a preference for the clients also.

Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework and a Top Choice for PHP Web Development?

Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework and a Top Choice for PHP Web Development?

Are you planning to start a new web development on the PHP framework?

I get it you might find hordes of blogs on the internet confusing further making the decision tough for you. 

Many popular PHP frameworks are having different features and functionalities. Laravel and WordPress development are the two most popular choices among web developers. Before we proceed I want to assure you that by the end of this blog we are sure you will gain basic and fair knowledge of Laravel. 

An overview of the blog;

  • What is Laravel?
  • Top 5 reasons to choose Laravel
  •  Disadvantages of Laravel web development

 What is Laravel?

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In simple terms, Laravel is a web framework for making custom applications. It runs on PHP, is open-source and yes it’s entirely free. 

There are many PHP frameworks in the market but Laravel is the most loved one by developers. More specifically in the MVC-based PHP frameworks, MVC stands for Model, View & Controller. 

What Makes Laravel Shine?

What makes Laravel web app development apart is the expressive and elegant syntax that makes the process faster, easier and enjoyable for developers. It has been able to eliminate all the pain points that come with the complex PHP code successfully so far. 

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development 

1. Laravel Development is Faster 

PHP framework Laravel works on a modular basis, it comes with many built-in functions and structures. All these functions and structures work on the latest PHP principles to build web applications promptly. All this leads to fewer work hours and faster application delivery with being economical at the same time. 

2. Secure Authentication and Authorization 

According to Wikipedia, “Taylor Otwell created Laravel as an attempt to provide a more advanced alternative to the Codelgniter framework, which did not provide certain features such as built-in support for user authentication and authorization.”

The major reason to choose the Laravel framework is security. Though there is no single framework that comes with a 100 % guarantee of being completely secure from online hazards. It largely depends on the Laravel developer, on how one writes the code and handles the overall structure. 

What makes Laravel stand out is the important level of security parameters which is not available in any other PHP frameworks. Laravel offers CSRF (cross-site request forgery) tokens which are responsible to take care of the ‘security aspect’ of a project. 

What do these Tokens do?

These CSRF tokens carefully check every request on the POST and project from someone who might change POST to GET the request thus making it more secure. 

3. MVC Architecture of Laravel Framework

As I told you above Laravel is MVC-based and this is what makes it the most popular choice among web developers. Knowing the basics can come in handy for you when you start working on Laravel. 

MVC architecture comes with better documentation, improved performance, and built-in functionalities. Why I am emphasizing these qualities is because other PHP frameworks do not come or offer the same to developers. 

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4. Automated and Unit Testing Feature

Testing a web page is very important in the process of project development- Laravel comes with ‘extraordinary’ testing support. 

Testing is salient to know if there are any bugs initially and to measure the performance of an application. Laravel framework provides automation testing support, making it less time-consuming to test an app (now you know why developers adore Laravel). 


But how does Laravel makes testing easier you might wonder? 

Simple, it imitates users’ behavior in an apt manner such as making requests, analyzing outputs, clicking forms. 

5. Laravel Framework has Automated Tasks and Scheduling 

Earlier web developers used to generate a Cron entry for each task they wanted to schedule. With Laravel development, one can avoid this by using its automatic command scheduler.

It gives you the freedom to quickly and expressively define your command schedule within the frame. You can save money on hosting as well. 

Disadvantages of Laravel Web Development

  • The Composer is not strong enough: If compared with Ruby gems, npm, pip(for python), Laravel composer is not strong enough.
  • Lack of continuation between versions: After Laravel-4 no transition has been made to version-5.
  • Some upgrades might be problematic: When a version gets upgraded users can face trouble such problems occur in the PHP framework as well. Users need to take precautions before upgrading it.
  • Development: Laravel’s development is a bit slower as compared to other frameworks.

Is Laravel the ‘Best’ PHP Framework?

Selecting a PHP framework can be challenging as there are many options to choose from and all of them have their pros and cons. You have to measure several factors while choosing a framework. Following are some of the factors you should consider before finally selecting a PHP framework;

  • Database access
  • Third-party integrations
  • Performance support
  • Modularity
  • Built-in modules
  • Cost of development
  • Testing features
  • Community Support
  • Security


Without a doubt, I can say that Laravel is a close to perfect framework for web development. Laravel web development is on the rise because of its genuine qualities- it’s faster, better, highly cost-effective, and can build scalable web applications. You can create beautiful applications using Laravel. 

Hiring a Laravel expert can be a smart decision for your business. With all the benefits listed above, you can select Laravel without a second thought. Trigma Laravel experts can make the journey less tiring and more enjoyable. You can get in touch with us for queries and a FREE consultation as well. 

Stay tuned with us 🙂