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 Bradley’s Books is one of the leaders of the bargain book wholesale industry. They have one of the most extensive inventories, with over 6000 titles in a wide range of categories, catering to any business needs.

Our delivery team ensured to deliver the project without any errors with shifting focus from detecting issues to their prevention and maintaining high-quality standards. The process we followed was:

Front End Testing: Checked the GUI, Front-end, anything visible on the screen from the client’s end. We made sure to fix any front-end issues before proceeding to the next phase.

Smoke testing: Smoke testing was performed to check if the basic functionalities are working correctly or not. It was performed on the ‘new’ build given.

Functional testing: To check user flow, if it’s working how it supposed to work or not.

Test Cases & Use Cases Creation: Most imperative part of testing to check how the website works under any given conditions.
Shared with Designer & Developer.

Regression testing: After fixing the issue, it was performed to make sure that a correction or addition hasn’t impeded any of the existing functionality.

System Testing: It was done on every device i.e. Desktop, Mobile, Tabs, every browser to make sure the website is working well on various systems for various visitors.

Live Testing: After making the website live, we tested meticulously to have a bug-free platform for a smooth user experience and alignment with the business goals.

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Problem Analysis is imperative for project planning and it directly influences the project goal, & general objectives. At Trigma,we prioritize the current challenges that require to develop and then a clear and short description of the issues is addressed by a problem-solving team.


We have a team of IT professionals to work on understanding and recognizing workable solutions to the problems. We offer a work package to deliver the complete product keeping the following variables in mind: Time, budget, resources, skills, technology.


Results are the outputs contributing to the success of the project goal. We have a track of delivering solutions at par with the client’s expectations and for enterprise clients, we delivered large-scale IT projects. We undertake all types of projects acutely.

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