What is PEMF ?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT, or PEMF therapy), makes use of electromagnetic fields to heal non-union fractures as well as depression. It was in 2007, that the FDA had officially cleared a few such incitement gadgets.

Preceding the year 2000, in the PEMF research done in Western Europe, Japan and USA there was a lot of logical work was being done to demonstrate a logical proof for promising advantages from the utilization of PEMF for a wide scope of uses including tumors, vascular sickness, dermatology, lung illness, gastrointestinal infection, neurological illness, pediatrics, medical procedure, gynecology, oral medication, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, invulnerability and aggravation in view of more than 200 referred to logical papers including both human and creature considers. 

PEMF therapy was first used by Veterinarians in an attempt to recover broken legs in racehorses. 

How it works ?

PEMF uses healthy electromagnetic frequencies (which are harmless to humans), as opposed to cell phone frequencies, to enhance overall health and wellness. As we know our body cells are negatively charged on the cell walls and for nerve cells, that is approximately -60 mV; different cells might also additionally range withinside the internet terrible charge. To hold healthful tiers of this terrible charge, potassium and magnesium must be contained within the cells, at the same time as calcium and sodium preferably stay outdoors in the cells.

These are no major side effects of PEMF as these electromagnetic frequencies are harmless to humans, however few patients have shown mild adverse reactions to this therapy. In the first ten minutes of exposure, the oxygen content in the cells increases, which can further stimulate the exit of toxins. Due to this release of toxins, your body’s response to the session may be the experience of mild side effects including but not limited to: nausea, lethargy, headaches, fatigue and muscle aches.

Regarding the benefits of PEMF therapy, the human body responds to the PEMF differently, the results of the same may vary from person to person. 

What are the applications?

Since PEMF is very effective in recovering broken bones and tissues, its main applications are in wellness devices. This therapy also helps in increasing blood oxygen levels and circulation. With endured use, it provides stability in blood sugar, blood pressure, and managing cholesterol levels. In addition to the other benefits, these magnetic fields increase immune and body capabilities are significantly increased. NASA made use of these Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices to maintain the health of astronauts in the orbit.

The current focus of PEMF is on the following applications:

  1. Knee osteoarthritis
  2. Postoperative Pain
  3. Musculoskeletal Pain
  4. Depression

What is the Future of PEMF?

The future products (mostly under crowdfunding) are focusing on making PEMF part of our daily day-to-day life. The planned applications of PEMF in the near future are:

  1. Focus Management
  2. Sleep Management 
  3. Anti-Aging
  4. Inflammation & Pain Management
  5. Meditation 
  6. Cure of many illnesses 
  7. Help in Anxiety disorder
  8. Stroke Rehabilitation
  9. Therapy for Migraine and Headaches 
  10. Nerve regeneration or Neuroregeneration
  11. Arthritis & Osteo Recovery
  12. Detox Naturally
  13. Therapy for Fibromyalgia