Envision how convenient it would be for businessmen to access all the company’s critical data & files while on the move. This is achievable with the technology of cloud computing services and the provider of the best cloud services for small and big businesses. In today’s digital age, cloud services for any company are a must. But the usability, use cases, and the need to use cloud services differ from large enterprises to small or medium-sized businesses. Therefore, it becomes highly imperative to use suitable yet best cloud services for companies of varying sizes.

In this blog, we will highlight some cloud services one can implement for effective data backup systems.

Why Does a Small Business Need Best Cloud Services?

Fortunately, today the benefits of cloud solutions are not limited to big enterprises only. In a more adverse term, cloud technology is an equally utilitarian product for small to medium-sized businesses. Cloud computing services enhance productivity by saving time and money for businesses. It even improves team collaboration by introducing scope for promoting innovative ideas.

Cloud Services Need

Here are the top reasons why a business should invest in the service of cloud solutions:

— Easy accessibility from anywhere in the world
— Improved flexibility in operations
— Increase in data security, privacy & control
— Cost-effective service
— Easy maintenance of remote teams & facility
— Easy data backup
— Business process automation
— Stay updated with the latest technology and better options to run operations in a group.

5 Best Cloud Services for Businesses

Besides the benefits, reliable Cloud service ensures small businesses cut down their staff’s workload as they don’t need to employ employees to install or update applications, run & maintain backups or manage emails & file servers anymore. Moreover, with the introduction of the cloud in your country, you can spare hardware space as you won’t need it for software updates on your server.

More importantly, with cloud computing services, you no longer have to store any file, backup data, or software installation file that fills up the space of your computer and server. Besides that, online cloud storage providers regularly update their apps. Therefore, it saves you time since you don’t have to update them. The cloud service providers listed below are some famous names in the ever-so-popular paradigm of cloud storage solutions list.

1. Microsoft Azure

With the Microsoft Azure cloud service platform, businesses run virtual desktops & applications with its backup system based in the cloud. Moreover, this cloud computing platform offers organizations built-in migration tools. Therefore, companies can migrate Windows servers & Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to many other devices.

Being a hybrid cloud service provider, it possesses the powerful ability to integrate and manage your environments. In addition, it supports almost every popular platform, like iOS, Android, and Windows phone apps, and its web service.

Its multi-layer security and data backup facility keep all your files safe even after giving your employees access to data.

Microsoft Azure

Key Benefits

— Cost-effective subscription models
— Enterprise-level development tool
— First-class cybersecurity
— Scaleable with the user demand
— No need for on-site hardware

2. IDrive

During the transmission to IDrive, the data remains completely encrypted until you restore it from the client’s end. When trying to back up your file, it lets you select documents from shared folders like documents, music, pictures, etc. It also allows for syncing individual devices and sharing preferences in the IDrive cloud service.

iDrive Cloud

Key Benefits

— Easy-to-use functionality
— No limit for devices per account
— Backup for disk image
— Folder syncing
— Download & bulk upload backup files
— Easy data restoration via email
— Lighting fast upload speeds in testing

3. Google Drive

The most popular cloud service that everyone is aware of. This free cloud service has the capacity to be the principal base of any small business. With its perfectly-featured cloud-based document, presentation, spreadsheet, forms, and drawing tool, it is the most liked cloud service for every business and not just for small businesses. You can smartly share your files simply by sharing an invite link to collaborate with your team member.

Google Drive Cloud

Key Benefits

— Compatible with Microsoft Office
— Simple user interface
— Compatible with lots of apps and templates
— Easy accessibility from any desired device
— Custom links for file-sharing
— Store any type of file, PDF, video, presentation, document, etc.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is another popular cloud storage service used to store and share data and files in the cloud. Dropbox can be considered an ideal platform for retrieving, managing, and keeping your files that can be opened from anywhere. 

It has a great option of being able to share files even with non-Dropbox users. If, because of any mishaps, you lose your data on your computer, you can get back everything as it was before. The tools in Dropbox ensure the complete security of your data. It encrypts your data when moving to and from the cloud storage.

Even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can also access the files or folders you have marked to sync offline automatically. Collaboration with team members is also relatively easy as the users with a Dropbox account can work together on shared files. Also, retrieving your accidentally deleted files can be difficult in many cloud service providers, but not when you use Dropbox. You can get lost files back within a single click.


Key Benefits

— Free & easy-to-use
— Work without the internet
— Ideal & secure platform for backup
— Excellent mobility for accessing files from any device
— Smooth backup and retrieval of files
— Easy file sharing to collaborate and work on them

5. SpiderOak

SpiderOak is best for people who work on multiple systems daily and want to back up everything in one place. This platform is quite well-known for its high-end military-grade security. The data is saved in the platform’s in-house server and not in any third-party server. Therefore, not even the platform makers have access to the user data.

The solution comes with two levels of backup, basic level & advanced level. If you desire control over how your data and files are backed up, you should go for advanced-level backup. Another exciting feature offered by SpiderOak is the de-duplication option. The system will automatically locate any duplicate file and won’t back it up again. At the same time, it locally syncs it with the system, refraining from creating an identical file again.


Key Benefits

— Easy file sharing & archiving
— Free 2GB storage
— Local and server-side encryption
— Private encryption of backed-up files
— Keep unlimited deleted files
— Collaboration with folder sharing
— iOS and Android apps


Apart from the above-listed popular & reliable cloud services for small businesses, many web cloud-based project management tools, like Trello, Asana, etc., can enable you to manage a project among multiple teams in a more flexible & organized way. So, if you require a reliable yet self-hosted project management tool that is incredibly useful and super easy to use, contact us today for a free consultation.

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